Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Checking In

This week has been filled with two hour workouts as I enter the final two weeks of my "Get In Shape" contest. It will continue that way until this weekend when Jim and I go to the Emerald City Comicon. Hopefully while I am there, I won't be too tired at night to get my cardio in. Also, I have to keep on my restricted diet somehow in a place that isn't health food friendly, so I will be bringing a lot of my own food.

I find it ironic that I am going to be at an event where working out is considered geeky. Hee hee.

Take care tonight! I will check in tomorrow or Friday with my week's results, and as a reminder that I am having a booth at the con in the exhibitor's section. Come by and say "hi"!

1 comment:

p'La said...

Heidi, please tell your readers to bring their used cell phones to the con too! I'll be accepting them for the ACTOR comic fund.

Kirk and I will see you and Jim there!