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One Year Later: Weeks Three and Four

Green Arrow 60
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I have very mixed feelings about "One Year Later" titles from DC once again. There are definitely some books to watch, and others that failed to walk the fine line between mysterious and compelling. Here then is a rundown of my takes on the latest batch.

Birds of Prey #92: It is good to have the ladies intact for the most part. The addition of "Jade Canary" is puzzling, but is something I already have theories about based on the final issue of Batgirl. The most stand out thing for me is the "journey" that our old school favorite Black Canary seems to be on. Where this goes remains to be seen. Grade: C+

Green Arrow #60: This one had me hooked from page one. With the horrific events leading up to "One Year Later", it is no surprise that things in Star City are at their most dire. Since I am such a diehard original Justice League of America and Green Lantern/Green Arrow fan, I remember the first time Ollie ran for mayor. Seeing it come to fruition here sent a chill down my spine. That keeps me here for the duration. Grade: A.

Superman #650: For whatever reason, I didn't feel any surprise or jolt at the new status quo in Metropolis. Seeing Clark and Lois along with Jimmy and Perry felt like a high school reunion with the popular kids. This one is sure to be a hit out the gate, but for me it was just alright. Grade: B.

Nightwing #118: I know Dick Grayson has always had a bit of a rep as a male 'ho', but this issue left me cold for that reason if no other. The best part is the dueling Nightwings. The worst is Dick being his own cliche. Grade: C-.

Hawkgirl #50: Somewhere in the "One Year Later" Kendra has lost her "balls" and I don't like it. The new premise has promise, but something very bad has obviously happened here that needs to be gotten to the bottom of- STAT. The art made me drool, so the grade here is: B.

Batman #651: This really worked for me. Having been built up to over in Detective's OYL, the follow through is great. I am still so insanely happy that James Robinson is back on a book that I can hardly see straight! Grade: A.

Catwoman #53: Now this book gave me the chills for real. The art was perfection, and the events reminiscent of the Earth 2 family in ways I don't want to spoil. I can hardly wait to see what happens next, and to get to the bottom of what made the blessed event occur! Grade: A.

Manhunter #20: Just when I thought Catwoman would be my favorite OYL title, Manhunter jumped out and surprised me with the best concept so far. This title has really grown on me, so I was really worried about what would happen. I shouldn't have given it a second thought. If you haven't read this book yet, go pick it up! Grade: A.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #16: Insubordination and rebellion are still the mainstays here. Though given credibility by the UP, the kids are still alright. What Supergirl's presence will add is beyond me, but it is a fascinating concept. Grade: C+.

That is it for now- what a crazy ride it's been already! Look back here for more after the ECCC.

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