Sunday, May 06, 2007

Why I Didn't See Spider-Man 3 This Weekend

Spider-Man 3 Movie poster
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It is odd to not be seeing Spider-Man 3 on opening weekend. My husband is one of the biggest Spider-Man fans around. We religiously collect comics and Jim can talk in depth about Peter Parker's back story. We loved the first and second movie and have been really excited about seeing the third.

Why didn't we?

Simple. We live in a town of approximately 70,000 people. In this town there are three movie theaters owned by one family. Said family only puts the movie on two screens. It is an insane madhouse from hell to get in. Since I work I can't wait in line for tickets. We just flat don't have time to spend half a day to get in, praying that we don't get stuck next to a big smoker (sorry smokers, nothing personal, I am very allergic) or some idiot who can't shut up during the movie while eating a huge plate of nachos. Yikes.

That is why we are sitting here, hating life, knowing we aren't going to be able to see a movie we really want to.

I am hoping we can go on a weekday night or next weekend but I am not holding my breath. Maybe by June?

I have to say this- it is great that a a comic book movie has such a huge non-comic book following. That generates interest and dollars. Too bad it doesn't translate into greater comic book sales.


Eaglewing said...

I've long given up on going to movies on opening weekend. I've found that if I can be patient and wait a week or two, the movie going experience is just a whole lot better. Nothing worse than trying to enjoy a movie you've long waited to see while being packed in like sardines next to obnoxious people. I'd rather just wait.

I'm no Spidey expert, but I've enjoyed the movies and am really looking forward to seeing the third one. The trailers look great as does the special effects work of Sandman. Should be good.

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, you are a person after my own heart on this one! I love to go to movies, but I hate to be shoulder to shoulder the entire time. I would rather have a few empty seats then have people coming in during the previews stepping on my feet! :-)

I am also looking forward to the movie, and hopefully can see it on my own terms. I will make sure and check out your site for your take on it as well!

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhh! Man, that's gotta be tough...wanting to see a movie so bad, but holding off until the crowds die down (which may be August at this point). I hope you and Jim can get there soon. Maybe one of those odd times, like a late afternoon show during the week or (depending on your work schedule) a late show.

If Jim's as big of a Spidey fan as you say he is, I'm sure he'll enjoy the movie. I'm a Spidey fan from way back and, like the first two movies, you really get a sense that Raimi "gets it".

As far as Spidey 3 interest not translating to FCBD, you'd think someone would figure out a way to bridge that communicaton gap, such as a blurb at the beginning of the movie on opening day advertising FCBD...or some creative "guerilla marketing" fans could do near the theatre. I think if the general public were more aware of FCBD on opening day, you'd get some interest.

Lisa said...

For a Spider-Man fan it's got to be torture! Especially with everyone talking and blogging about the movie. Do they have the tickets available via an on-line service like or anything like that, or is the place too small and independant for that?

We saw it at a midnight showing because with FCBD we didn't know when we'd get the next chance and knew that every other person in would ask if we saw it and what we thought. But oh boy was that a killer the next day--we're not as young as we used to be.

RedheadFangirl said...

The movie broke not once, but twice on my Friday night showing. The crowd was packed and into it, but the huge stadium crowd of 300 or so got rowdy from the interruptions, and kept boo-hoo out loud during serious MJ/Peter scenes.
Mostly, I'm shocked they allow smoking in the theatre near you! I don't think I've been in one my whole life that lets people smoke. Eat an onion filled hoagie, yes.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, it has indeed been torture! Several people we know have approached us and started spoiling the movie because they just assume we have seen it. Yikes! I had to tell a half dozen people at the club to stop just because they thought we were first in line! I can't blame them, I wear comic book shirts all the time, but it felt odd.

I loved your Spider-Man week posts, by the way. Culminating with the movie was genius!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, a midnight show!! Wow. I would have slept through it. You are hardcore! :-) I bet you were tired the next day, poor lady! I am jealous though that you saw it! Our local theatre did not provide a midnight show, so we were stuck.

Our local theatre doesn't have online sales. It is first come, first serve so the bigger movies always have huge lines. They never put the movies on more then two screens so it is tough to get in. We had to camp from 6 a.m. on to get tickets to X2. I hate that!!

I am glad you were able to see the movie, even though it sounds like it was hectic!

Heidi Meeley said...

Red, that sucks that the movie broke at all! You poor girl! That would definitely cause boos in our theatre too! I am sure it made it hard to keep the flow going.

They don't let people smoke in the theatre, but the lobby is fair game and it sucks. I am so allergic that it irritates me. I know it is a personal choice, so I don't want to judge but allergies make me a big wuss!

I am glad you were able to see the movie as well!