Saturday, June 16, 2007

Comic Convention News Frenzy

Well, it's official. Green Arrow and Black Canary are doing it. Well, they are doing THAT, but they are getting married as well. According to Newsarama, this new Previews will feature all the solicits for the blessed event, including a JLA Special, a wedding planning one shot and the actual event itself. While I am intrigued by this news, I am most interested to see how it all plays out. I wasn't at all wanting to have the couple get back together or get married, so wrapping my head around the impending nuptials is a tough one in itself. For the full scoop, head over to Newsarama.

In exciting news, Peter David is taking over She-Hulk after Dan Slott leaves. As a huge fan of his long run on Incredible Hulk, this is fantastic to hear. I also appreciate the way David takes on female characters, most notably his Fallen Angel series at IDW and his portrayal of the female members of X-Factor. Instead of being sad at Slott leaving now, I am happily looking forward to the future of the book. David knows Shulkie.

Dwayne McDuffie is taking over Justice League of America after Brad Meltzer leaves. This is another piece of good news. I am appreciating his work on Fantastic Four, and am looking forward to seeing his work on the JLA.

Cassandra Sandsmark AKA Wonder Girl is getting a six issue mini series. Written by J. Torres, this should be a great chance to see how the character has evolved without the weight of a team book taking her out of the spotlight. This is once again great news.

Encouraging news on Wonder Woman pencils:
"Who will be drawing Wonder Woman once Gail Simone takes over? DiDio: “I believe it will continue to be Drew Johnson and Terry/Rachel Dodson.” "

This is all pleasantly surprising to me. I can hardly wait for the next six months to see how this all works. I have a lot of mixed emotions on the Canary/Arrow union, so I am waiting for the powers to be to make me believe in it.

What news have you heard that you think is cool/sad/scary?


Ragnell said...

Oooh, PAD on She-Hulk! I guess I will be picking up another Marvel book soon.

Eaglewing said...

I read over on Comixfan that David Morell will be writing a mini series called Captain America: The Chosen. Now, I'm not a huge Cap fan or anything, but Morell's name caught my eye. I've read some of his novels and quite enjoyed them, so I'll keep my eye on the reviews for this.

Heidi Meeley said...

Ragnell, having PAD on She-Hulk is just the breath of fresh air that I have been waiting for. I am sure he will do it justice!

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, thank you for the heads up on that! I will have to check around for some of his stuff at Borders this week. I really appreciate you mentioning this!

Nick said...

Didio let it slip that there was gonna be a Challengers of the Beyond staring Jason Todd/Kyle Rayner/Donna Troy....he was then pelted by Jann Jones. Seriously by the end of the panel Jann was running out of stuff to throw at Dan.

Oh...the Sinestro Corp one shot coming out in a few should probably read it if your heavy into DC, lol.'s pretty big in relation to the DCU...I saw advance panels of the whole issue at Van Scivers''s all I'm saying

There is more but this was the bigger stuff I blogged bout.

Lisa said...

That's quite the wedding dress Canary has on! She must have forgotten the skirt.

An early Angel/Archangel comic sounds cool. And Terry Moore on SM Loves MJ should be great. VERY excited about McDuffie on Justice League - I'm starting to think Metzler isn't well suited to ongoing comics (Identity Crisis was great, but his JLA is only so/so for me).

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, it is so funny that you say that because I mentioned the same thing to Jim! I was staring at the cover going "where is her dress" and Jim just shook his head. I did like the fact that she had Ollie slung over her shoulder!

I am also very excited about McDuffie on JLA. His work is excellent, and I think he will put a nice spin on the team's adventures. I agree that Meltzer is more of a "novel" kind of guy.

I definitely am going back issue hunting for SM Loves MJ!