Sunday, June 10, 2007

Quick Take Reviews for June 10

Birds Of Prey 107
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Birds of Prey #107: The finale to the Secret Six crossover happens here, and it is quite the kick in the butt. Between Lady Blackhawk’s reaction and the great dialogue, I really enjoyed the ride. It also made me very sad that Gail Simone is leaving the book. She really put her stamp on it and made it her own. I can comfort myself with the fact that artist Nicola Scott is staying put for the time being. Grade: B+.

The Punisher #48: The deeper this current storyline goes, the more I find myself sucked in completely. Five mafia widows go after the Punisher with surprising results, and writer Garth Ennis finds his soul in the mix. I can’t say enough about how good this book is. Grade: A.

Outsiders #48: I don’t know what is going to happen to the Outsiders as a result of this crossover with Checkmate, but I do know that it has made the characters more relevant to me now then they have been since “One Year Later”. A shake up is just what this team needs, and I am hoping for fresh writing blood on the book sooner then later. As for now, the title seems to be in a holding pattern. Best part: Matthew Clark and Ron Randall’s tag team art. Grade: C.

Detective Comics #833: In my mind, this has been the best Bat book of the past year. I have loved the one-shots and especially appreciate the creative team of Paul Dini, Don Kramer, and Wayne Faucher. The quality of these stories is high, and I get the sense of a work of art in each issue. This rare two-parter guest starring Zatanna is no exception. I love this book. Grade: A.

Uncanny X-Men #487: Part of the team is back from space, and things are off kilter in all respects. Ed Brubaker has really shook things up with the last year’s story line, and it shows here. Storm comes back for this storyline, and it is a welcome homecoming. I also enjoyed Salvador Larocca’s artwork. With the return of the Morlocks, things should heat up nicely. While this isn’t my favorite X-title, it is certainly a quality one. Grade: B.

Witchblade/The Punisher: This book felt really off to me from page one. With the recent events in Sara Pezzini’s book, it just didn’t work for me. I appreciated Adriana Melo’s artwork, but didn’t think it was one of Ron Marz’ better efforts. I think the man has too much on his plate. Save your money on this one and go get the regular Punisher or Witchblade title. Grade: D.

New Warriors #1: Surprise hit of the week for me. I picked this up mostly for curiosity purposes and was really pleased with what I saw. I never saw the characters coming, and I absolutely am awed by the excellent scripting done by Kevin Grevioux. I also loved Paco Medina and Juan Vlasco’s artwork. Overall, this book was my pick of the week for quality and unexpected excellence. Grade: A.


Vaklam said...

I passed over New Warriors but you've got me interested. I'll pick it up Wednesday.

Eaglewing said...

Thanks for the review of Witchblade/Punisher. I was wondering about that one, think I'll skip it. I guess I think Garth Ennis is about the only one who can truly write the Punisher. A little biased there, I guess :)

And this waiting for trades of the Punisher series is torture. I might have to break down and buy a (horrors) monthly subscription. I wish Marvel would sell a digital copy of the monthly for a lower cost (even a DRM PDF file), then I could read those and buy the trades when they come out. I've only got limited space and money, I can't afford to get both physical copies. Oh well, the monthly/trades conundrum rolls on.

Lisa said...

I enjoyed both Birds and New Warriors this week too.

Countdown was also good - I wasn't sure about it in the first couple of issues, but I think it's starting to develop more and I've been enjoying the newer issues more and more.

Detective is also GREAT - thanks to Jim for insisting that I check it out.

Heidi Meeley said...

Vaklam, you will have to let me know what you think! I was really pleasantly surprised!

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, I felt that Witchblade/Punisher just didn't match their own series. It was really disapointing. I think sticking with their books is the best bet.

Ennis is aces in my book when it comes to Punisher as well. You have good taste!

You will have to let me know if you decide to go the monthly route on Punisher. It is so hard to wait!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, I really liked BOP and New Warriors, and was really surprised at the characters featured in that book! Tec just naturally was fantastic. Dini and Kramer are a great team, and they are hard to beat. I will pass on to Jim your kudos!

I am still getting my pace with Countdown, as I am waiting for more Donna Troy and Kyle Rayner. That will tell the tale for me!