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Excellent Guest Pencils News: Snejbjerg on Two Issues of The Boys

The Boys #13
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Still sick. Still whining. Finally got out of bed and am checking out the computer. Then I see this little bit on Newsarama. This news is almost enough to get me over my illness.

Read on and see:

"With issues #13 and #14 (December and January, respectively), Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson invite a new member into their exclusive Boys club, as Peter Snejbjerg steps in to help with the artwork for the two issues.

For Snejbjerg, the issues give him a chance to flex his muscles…to put it mildly. “As Garth put it in the script: ‘Unmistakable, obvious, disturbing.’” Snejbjerg said. “That just about says it all, doesn't it? Seriously, though, this not only gives me a chance to draw that strip club scene, but a few other things I don't expect to draw again in any other American comic book. It's also that Garth just writes the best dialogue around, period. It's fun to draw Garth Ennis books because it's fun to read Garth Ennis books. And it's fun to get to play with the toys designed by Darick because they are such cool toys!”

Ennis had high praise for the artist, as the two have worked together previously. “This is the fifth time that Peter's guest-starred on one of my books, and it really is about time the two of us created something from the ground up,” Ennis said. “He's one of the best storytellers in the business, with a sense of character second to none- he certainly had no trouble nailing The Boys. It's a real treat to be working with him again."

The two issues continue the current storyline which has seen the hero-punishment team in Russia. In issue #13, Little Nina's backers are revealed, Butcher ruins Monkey's day, and the Boys find something nasty in the borscht, leaving Hughie to finish the job alone. "

I loved Snejbjerg's work on Starman so to see him filling in for Robertson here is damn near a dream come true. Other then Steve Dillon, I can't imagine another artist I would prefer to see take on Wee Hughie and the gang. Though I am still not feeling good, this news is a bit of sunshine to be sure!

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Eaglewing said...

Cool. "Unmistakable, obvious, disturbing" - that sums up the Boys indeed. Checked out the link - great art, and I wonder whats in the borscht? :)