Monday, November 19, 2007

New Comics for Thanksgiving Week!

Countdown To Mystery #3
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I was going to put November 21 in the title as the shipping day, but because of Thanksgiving here in the United States, I decided I better not. I will have Jim call our retailer tomorrow to find out for sure if the books will be in Wednesday or Friday. In the meantime, and in keeping with my blog's tradition, I am posting my list today.

It is another DC heavy week as I have fallen under the spell of several of the Countdown crossovers after swearing not to. Countdown to Mystery is a great read that has me very interested in seeing where it goes. I also have been enjoying the "Challengers" one shots so I have been picking those up as well. I am partially mad at myself and partially resigned that these are books I will follow because they are limited. We shall see.

Here is my list!

Action Comics #859
Army@Love #9
Birds of Prey #112
Brave and the Bold #8
Catwoman #73
Checkmate #20
Countdown: Search for Ray Palmer- Gotham by Gaslight #1
Countdown #23
Countdown to Mystery #3 (of 8)
Detective Comics #838
Ex Machina #32
Flash #234
Shadowpact #19
Invincible #46
Captain America #32
Incredible Hulk #111
New X-Men #44
Penance Relentless #3 (of 5)
Powers #27
She-Hulk 2 #23
Thunderbolts Breaking Points
Wolverine Origins #19
X-Men Emperor Vulcan #3 (of 5)
The Boys #12
Lone Ranger #10
Red Sonja #27
Snakewoman Vol. 2 Tales of the Snake Charmer #5

It is a pretty long list so hopefully I will find lots of good stuff there. I am especially excited for The Boys as usual, and to see the "Wall" be sneaky over in Checkmate.

I work tomorrow and Wednesday and then I have a four day weekend. Jim and I are staying home and putting a roast in the crock pot with some veggies so that should be pretty relaxing. I am also hoping to do some reviews and Jim has promised me control of the remote to boot. It should be fun!

Have a great night!


Nick said...

Your reading "Penance Relentless"...your a braver comic reader then most.

Hope you have a fun Turkey day...or Roasty screw it, it's days not spent at work :)

Lisa said...

Delivery should be on Wednesday this week, but Thursday next week. That is what Diamond says anyway.

Anonymous said...

Comics should be here tomorrow, though considering the horrible service at your store and/or the capricious delivery service of Fed-Ex (or UPS or whoever), it might be NEXT Wednesday for you and Jim....but then it'll be delayed a day for the Thanksgiving holiday, so you may not see this week's books until some time in February.

Good list of stuff there, Heidi. Looks to be a good weekend of cozy reading!

Strangely, I haven't fallen under the spell of Countdown fever. If you'd asked me a year ago if I'd be buying books with Muliverse themes to them, I would have said "Heck YEAH!" (since I'm a Multiverse fan from way, way back), but I'm just not feeling it. It could be the overall low production values of the books (generally average to sub-par artwork) and the almost completely incoherent storyline...not to mention the fact that "Sinestro Corps" is stealing all of the available "epic event" thunder month after month (and delivering MIGHTILY for my expenses).

FLASH is definitely on the cutting block for me. If I want more of "The Incredibles", I'll watch its network TV premiere Thursday night on NBC (no, I'm not a paid shill).

Don't count Mark Waid out, though...I'm still an enthusiastic supporter of Brave and the Bold. Reading it makes me realize how much I've missed the classic "team-up book". Great fun.

And what's this? A new Lone Ranger...already? Man...these smaller publishers are hitting their schedules better than "The Big Guys" these day, aren't they? Good for them.

Anyway, if I don't stop back here before then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Heidi and Jim! You're two of the most genuine and interesting people in the vast comics blogosphere, and I look forward to enjoying your outlook for a long time to come.