Thursday, November 29, 2007

News to Cherish: James Robinson's Starman Series to "Omnibus"

I just read over at Newsarama that DC will be publishing a series of six omnibus volumes of the acclaimed and standard-setting series Starman. Notably written by James Robinson and pencilled by Tony Harris (through issue #45), this is a book worthy of a bit spendier collection.

Here is the press release:

"STARMAN, the acclaimed DC Universe series created by writer James Robinson and artist Tony Harris, will be collected for the first time in hardcover, on high-quality paper, in THE STARMAN OMNIBUS, a series of six volumes beginning in May.

This series will feature new covers by Harris, and will measure 6.75” x 10.25”. Collecting the entire STARMAN series, plus the STARMAN ANNUALS, SECRET FILES, 80-PAGE GIANT, THE SHADE miniseries and much more, these volumes include stories illustrated by Harris, Peter Snejbjerg, Chris Sprouse, J.H. Williams III, Phil Jimenez, Gene Ha, Guy Davis, Teddy Kristiansen, Lee Weeks and many others, as well as several stories co-written by David Goyer.

Scheduled to reach stores in May, THE STARMAN OMNIBUS VOL. 1 HC is a 448 page title collecting STARMAN #0 and 1-16, with a cover price of $49.99 U.S."

Fantastic news. I can't say enough things about how much I loved this book and how much I know it will never be duplicated. It makes me happy to know that others will be able to find as much joy as I have.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Starman remains one of the absolute high points of my personal comic book collection. I loved it from the start, and it only got better (as strange at that sounds). I also loved James Robinson's presense on his letters page. In a way, it had the feel of a personal blog long before such a thing existed. I wonder if they'll be including the letters pages, as some Omnibus projects do?

Nick said...



Heidi Meeley said...

I was so happy when I found out about this, and the more I think about it, the more pleased I become. This book DESERVES this. I will add another


to the table.

Mark, I hope they include the letters page as well!

collectededitions said...

We were listing some wishlist items for this Starman collection over at Collected Editions:

The letters page was one; if I recall correctly, either Robinson or Harris answered the letters, making that a truly special part of the book. I'd love to see some sketches and commentary, too. Either way, can't wait!

Carl said...

Welp, I got to meet Tony Harris a few times when he did Megacon a bunch of years in a row. I got my books signed and got to talk to him about it while the series was still running! The funny thing I noticed was the way Harris was dressed and his hair and beard.... I held up one of the covers and said, hey man, this looks like you! He said, ummmm, yeah, wellllllll and then laughed. The last time I said him, he was just doing the covers mostly and said the series should have over and shortly, it was. I really miss that book and how great the cleaning-up of the history of Starman and Opal City and the back stories of the mystery men and their villains and the wild O'Dare family of cops. And the "Talks With David" was some of the best writing I can recall in recent comic history. Wow, I had forgot how really miss that book...