Sunday, August 03, 2008

Breaking Dawn and the New Mummy Movie!

In trying to possibly never catch up with house cleaning, reading my friend's blogs, or in general doing something worthwhile to society, I spent yesterday afternoon and part of today doing two things.

I read most of "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer. I have 150 pages left to read, so I will endeavor to finish that tonight. I have really enjoyed the unexpected twists and turns so far. I had no idea how Meyer was going to satisfy both the Team Edward and Team Jacob factions, but it appears she is going to pull it off. Incredible. Anyone else reading this?

Last night Jim, Kerry, and I went and saw The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. While it isn't my favorite installment of the "Mummy" films, it was a fun ride. I missed Rachel Weisz as Evie, but it that was probably my biggest complaint. Maria Bello did an admirable job, but I couldn't sense any of the old Rick/Evie chemistry of the two first installments. It was an okay film for a Saturday night.

I spent all afternoon helping my friend Kerry get his second bedroom back together after he installed wooden floors. It was quite the job! He has company coming this weekend and his house it torn apart. He has been trying to clean it up and make it livable, and Jim and I have been helping.

On that anti-social note, I am off to finish my book and get everything ready for tomorrow. I plan to get caught up on my comments and get back on a regular blogging schedule this week.

Have a wonderful evening!

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