Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Blues

For the second day in a row we have had severe rain and thundershowers. Just this afternoon, the sun is peeking out and threatening to overtake the clouds. The good news about the rain is that it really cooled things down. The bad news is that now Jim can't mow the lawn because the grass it so wet. I'll take it though, as I hate it when it is too warm.

We just went and recycled so now we have a couple of hours to relax. I am pondering working tonight at a limited second job. I can't decide, but I know the extra money would be helpful. I really need to read my comics more thoroughly so I can get some reviews posted.

I have been reading the Sandman series as my bedside book. I just finished the first trade paperback "Preludes and Nocturnes". Though author Neil Gaiman has said in his afterword that it isn't his best work, I still found myself immersed in the broody, captivating Morpheus. This first arc, where he goes through humiliation and rediscovery, is thrilling to behold. The final issue of the trade is "The Sound of her Wings", in which readers are introduced to Death. It is absolutely one of my favorite issues of the series.

What are some great comics you are reading? One thing I miss about going to a bonafide shop is the opportunity to discover something new!

Have a wonderful afternoon!


Swinebread said...

I had to get rid of my sandman trades last year... very sad, blues begets blues I guess

Heidi Meeley said...

Swinebread, that is a bummer! I do think you traded up with Swinebread Jr. though. LOL!