Monday, August 04, 2008

New Comics for August 6

August really snuck up on me. What about you? I know it is like beating a dead horse to bring this up again, but time goes way too fast. This year is over half done, and I still feel like it is May. I guess that it is a good thing that my life is so busy- I never sit around and wonder what to do next. The bad side is that I have a crapload of DVD's and books that don't get read. How to find the balance, right?

This week's comic book list is pretty short. I didn't have much Marvel, and some of my other cutbacks are helping us financially.

Here is the list:

Army@ Love: The Art of War #1 (of 6) - pictured
Detective Comics #847
Final Crisis #3 (of 7)
Manhunter #33
Nightwing #147
Trinity #10
Sword #10
Hulk #5
Ultimate Origins #3 (of 5)
Boys #21
Terry Moore's Echo #5

My next DCBS order should be here tomorrow, so I am pretty excited about that. Otherwise, I am ready for a nice, normal work week, and a return to more regular blogging.

Have a great night!

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