Monday, August 25, 2008

New Comics for August 27

After a lazy Sunday, I see the error of my ways! I came into work today and discovered that it is going to be a very busy week. It may require working Saturday and more, so that should make the week go fast. It is a good thing I have a three day weekend coming up with Labor Day.

Here is my list of new books for the week.

Catwoman #82
DC Universe Last Will and Testament #1
Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #2 (of 3)
Justice Society of America #18
Reign in Hell #2 (of 6)
Superman #679
Teen Titans #62
Trinity #13
Black Panther #40
Daredevil #110
Might Avengers #17
New Avengers #44
She-Hulk 2 #32
Skaar Son of Hulk #3
Ultimate Iron Man II #5 (of 5)- talk about late!
Ultimate Spider-Man #125
Ultimate X-Men #97
Wolverine #66
X-Force #6- planning on dropping this book
X-Men Legacy #215
Fallen Angel #25- retailer incentive cover pictured!

That is my list. From what I can see, my stuff from last week and this week will ship Wednesday, so I will receive it next Tuesday or Wednesday. That will work out just fine.

Sorry to be so crappy answering my comments. I had to go grocery shopping and pay bills tonight after working ten hours. Now I have to go workout so I don't gain anymore weight!

Thank you for the nice comments on my poll. I would really like to make a post about it, but I haven't gotten it straight in my head yet. I will say that it was an incredible experience to be able to talk to people who didn't have an awareness of the industry or any of the topics we discuss. Very refreshing in an odd way, but also a bit disheartening.

Have a wonderful evening! Talk at you soon!

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