Monday, August 18, 2008

New Comics for August 20

Dark Ivory 3 of 4
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Happy Monday to all! I am very happy tonight as it is raining and cooling things down here. It only got up to 91 today and it is only supposed to be 81 tomorrow. Thank God! I have been so warm in our house, which does fine keeping cool until the temperatures pass 90. Hopefully your weather isn't too sweltering!

I am very excited because my DCBS order will be here tomorrow. I am dying to read Wonder Woman and 100 Bullets, not to mention all the other fantastic stuff contained in the hefty package. I love having something to look forward to in the mail! How about you?

Here is the list of this week's stuff:

Rex Mundi #13
Batgirl #2 (of 6)
Birds of Prey #121
Brave and the Bold #16
Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #1 (of 5)
Justice League of America #24
Stormwatch PHD Worlds End #13 - my one Wildstorm book!
Trinity #12
Dark Ivory #3 (of 4)- cover pictured
Captain America #41
Incredible Hercules #120
Punisher #61- first one without Ennis
True Believers #2 (of 5)
Uncanny X-Men #501
X-Factor #34
X-Factor Special: Layla Miller

That is it for this week. Anything fun you are picking up?


Saranga said...

I'm quite pleased as I'm not buying anything this week - this is good on my finances and shelf space! As it is I've been spending about £10 to £20 ($18 to $38 I think) a week on comics which is a bit much..

Question: Is you pull list just for you or does it include your husband's reads as well?

James Meeley said...

Nope. Her pull list is her's alone. If mine were added, it would be much longer, though, since I'm buying so few titles anymore (and some of the ones I get, she does, too).

Funny thing, though, I didn't have anything on this week's list either, just like you didn't. And this is a big deal, since this is the first week in my almost 21 years of collection comcis, where I'm not getting anything for a single week. It's almost historic!

Saranga said...

Ha ha! You should celebrate by spending the comics money on dinner! At least that's what I'd do, but I'll take any excuse to eat out. :)

By the way, 21 years?! Where do you keep them all? I'm always getting nagged that there's no space for mine and I've only got a few small shelves worth!

Heidi Meeley said...

Saranga, I think I am still in shock that my hubby had no books this week. He has really cut back, but he would usually at least get one book. It is indeed a momentous occasion, but also a bit sad, as I feel greedy with my big stack sitting there. LOL.

Maybe he could read a few of mine? I know where he lives. :-)