Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Harsh! Hated Female Characters #2: Maxima

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Number two on my list of hated female characters is Maxima. Ruler of another world, Maxima came to Earth to mate with Superman, only to be rebuffed time and time again. She served in the Justice League for a time, and had a short ill-conceived fling with Captain Atom before heading back to the more villainous side of life.

Maxima just never resonated with me. She was written as unlikable and it worked. Unsympathetic and ruthlessly obsessed, Maxima could irritate the most pious nun. Her interactions with her fellow heroes while in the JLA was tepid at best. Maxima is a former ruler and could never get past her royal ego.

For a time, Dan Jurgens tried to play Maxima as misunderstood, but it never really did stick. There was too much rule breaking and mistreatment under the bridge. Maxima's best moment was insulting Guy Gardner's offer to "mate" with her. Beyond that, Maxima is quite simply, a pain.

I am interested to see if Maxima shows up again in DC continuity, or if her time is done. I hope not, but my gut tells me she is lingering around, soon to be seen again.

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