Friday, October 07, 2005

Off to the Show!

Jim and I are attending the Portland Comicon this weekend, as I had mentioned earlier in the week. In order to make things even funner, we are going to spend some time with our nephews and help my family out on the farm. I also threw in a little work on the weekend, so I am meeting with one of my sales people to check in their inventory. Never a dull moment.

If you are at the Portland Con, look for Jim and I. I will probably be wearing my black 4 Color Review t-shirt and Jim will have on his Green Lantern Kyle Rayner shirt. We will probably be bickering, and I will be complaining about how I need to sit down because of my health problems. Also, Kurt Busiek usually rolls his eyes and pretends not to see us, so that is a definer in itself. Face it, we are easy to spot!!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend! I am taking it off blogging, so I will see you again Monday for a new comic book list and Tuesday to regroup and start a new list.

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