Saturday, October 29, 2005

Random Musings

Hey there! I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday. Our leaves are turning, and it is absolutely beautiful.

I still have no clue what to dress up as for Monday. My co-workers are going for a Wizard of Oz theme, but my choice is The Wizard or Cowardly Lion, and neither excite me. Maybe I will just go in my pajamas. No clue here.

Bad news- I found out I have to have major surgery on December 2. I am in a funk, so humor me please. In the meantime, I will endeavor to get through my list of up and coming female characters starting tomorrow.

Jim and I are going to see a movie of some sort tonight. Not sure which one, but it will beat sitting around the house being depressed, so I am on it!! We have narrowed it down to Zorro or Weather Man. While neither really inspires, it is better then nothing.

Hopefully things are going well for you! Have a wonderful weekend! I will be back with some thoughts on this week's comics and my last female list.


Melchior del DariƩn said...

H., I always enjoy greatly enjoy your reviews at KFR. Keep up the good work, and best wishes on your upcoming surgery!

Carl said...

I've been around but kind of quick skimming. We had a pretty good Halloween though I usually get depressed (and I did) when it's gone. I'm a heathren but I will keep you in my thoughts and heathren prayers about your upcoming surgery. You and James are becoming a staple in my online life I would really be one angry comics nerd should the Big Guy upset such a positive part of the universe. But I have faith...
Till later, all my best, Carl

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you so much for the well wishes! You are both very sweet to think of me.

Hopefully things will fall back into place soon. My surgery is December 2nd and my hubby will be playing nurse. Poor fella.

Thank you again!

p'La said...

heidi, sorry to be so late with this posting... as my luck would have it, I must have caught the flu just as you were posting about your surgery news. sorry to hear about your tough break sweet cheeks, but I feel assured it will all work out and you'll be making the rounds with Jim to the conventions before March!
looking forward to spending some more time with you and Jim again!
just heard about a new lcbs that opened here last April, I'll let you guys know if its worth visiting when you make the rounds. enjoyed your info about Bulleteer, I looked at it at least twice but was waiting for someone else's confirmation about how good it is. guess now I will definitely add it to my list. ;)
feel better friend, thinking about ya with a warm heart

Heidi Meeley said...

Pamela, I so appreciate your thoughts and wishes! You are such a sweet lady! I am looking forward to getting past my surgery so that Jim and I can start planning for some fun. You know the old adage "when it rains, it pours"? Well, we are having it. I know it can't last forever, and having a nice friend like you makes it a heck of a lot more bearable!

I hope you are feeling better from the flu bug! There is some nasty stuff going around right now. Take care, and make Kirk fix you up some soup!! Hee hee.

Thank you again for the kind words. Take care, and I hope to see you soon! Time flies so I know it won't be long.