Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Portland Comic Book Show- Books I got!

Pictured is the Portland Show from the good seats! It was so much fun and such a great selection, that the day went way too quickly. I was fortunate to pick up some great stuff, and thoughtI would run down my list.

Avengers Vol. 1 #26 & 27: I had always wanted to read part two and had never found it, and I had read the first part in Marvel Triple Action, so picking this story up for $9 was a steal. Truly classic Avengers action.

Adventure Comics #383, 397, and 401: Old school Supergirl goodness. Also an interlude with the 1960's swingin' costume.

Last Kiss #2 and 3: John Lustig has a great idea going with this new spin on romance comics. Go to lastkisscomics.com to see what I mean.

Kolchak Black, White, & Red; Tales of the Night Stalker #5 and 6: Drawn by the very talented Kirk Jarvinen. Awesome stuff.

Teen Titans Vol. 1 #4: First Speedy in teh Titans. I have wanted this issue for so long! To have it is an indescribable thrill.

I got a few other comics from the dollar bins, so I was pretty happy. Overall I would give my haul a grade of B.

Tomorrow I hope to have descriptions of sights and sounds and industry gossip. Have a wonderful evening and happy reading!

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