Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Harsh! Hated Female Characters #3: Jesse Quick

Jesse Quick
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Jesse Quick makes my list by virtue of the fact that she slept with her mother's boyfriend. Add the fact that she got extremely flaky and didn't seem to be trustworthy, and that is enough to propel Jesse to the number three spot on my list.

I started out really liking the Jesse Quick character. She is a legacy since her father was Johnny Quick and her mother is Liberty Belle. Jesse Chambers seemed like a great addition to the Flash family, and I was psyched to see a woman speedster. Jesse participated in several adventures with Wally, Jay, and Bart, even saving the day a time or two.

I admired the fact that Jesse ran her father's company after his untimely death. I also related to the fact that her mother was nit picky in respect to the way she lived her life. Jesse was the everyday girl who just happened to have access to the speed force.

Then Jesse joined the Titans and was made out to be a shrill, childish witch. To top it off, she did the whole sleeping with Mom's boyfriend/fiance' thing, which was so out of character that it blew my mind.

If a new creative team would come along and explain the whole thing as mind control, I would consider taking her off my list. Jesse needs a chance at redemption, but until she gets it, she will remain on my list. Sorry all!

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