Friday, January 27, 2006

Checking In

Well, it's been another week of hardly any blogging. My workouts have been taking longer then I anticipated. Hopefully I can get some quality time this weekend and catch back up.

I haven't read my comics, but I paged them, and it looks like a great reading week. I am especially interested to see what happens in Wonder Woman and New Avengers. I also look forward to seeing how Bendis wraps up Daredevil.

Weigh in for the week:

Loss for the week: 2 lbs.
Total Loss 2 lbs.

Well, at least I am in the ball game!!

Take care and have a great night!


Britt Schramm said...

Heidi, congrats on the loss. You give those fat cells hell, girl!

And seriously, my word verification is "lictzt" Weird...

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you! I am working like crazy to get rid of the love handles and the other scary stuff that crept back before and after my surgery. Hopefully every thing cooperates!