Saturday, January 21, 2006

Random Musings- Working Out and Watching My Hubby Blog!

It's been a few days since I have been here and I apologise for that. My hubby has had a lot to say over at his blog and we share a computer so I have been content to sit back and let him take the driver's seat. Also, I have been working on my fitness and health, so that has been quite time consuming.

Last year I entered and won the Gold's Gym "Get In Shape" contest in my age category. I did very well keeping fit and keeping the weight on until August 2005, when I started having excruciating abdominal and back pain that wouldn't go away. I had to cut back my workouts, and eventually gained back five pounds. Cut to October when I found out I had several large fibroids that were the source of the problem. I gained another 10 pounds from stress eating and not working out at all since then.

My hysterectomy was December 2, and it has been tougher to bounce back then I want to admit. Because they had to go in abdominally, the recovery has been longer then I had wanted. The good news is that this last week I feel like I turned the corner health wise, meaning that I finally felt pretty good. My biggest problem is just being worn out easily and having a bit of tenderness and swelling in my stomach area.

Bottom line: It is time to start working out, and what better way to do it then join a team of four people and participate in the club's team competition version of Get In Shape? The great news is that I kept off 20 of the pounds I lost last year, so I didn't go too far backwards, putting me in good shape to be on a team and look decent in the after pictures if I do the work and dieting required. The bad news is that my doctor hasn't cleared me for the kind of resistance training I need to gain back lean mass so I am relying on mid range cardio and light weights for my exercise.

What is exciting about my team in this competition is that my co-worker Rick is a past winner like me, and is captaining our team. His beautiful daughter Kristen and his friend George round out the team. I like being in a group situation in a fitness scenario because it means we can all rely on each other for motivation and fellowship. It should be great, and I will bore you by keeping you aware of our status.

Thursday was the weigh in so I will be checking in weekly to let you know my weight loss and progress. I'm not going to spill my starting weight yet, but will fess up eventually.

The bad news in this is that I haven't read my comics yet other then Infinite Crisis #4, which I loved! I have just glanced at the others, so I am hoping to spend tonight doing some reading. I would love to do a review or two, and get back into the swing of things, so that is my goal.

Take care and have a wonderful Saturday!


Melchior del Darién said...

Working with a group definitely sounds like a recipe for continued success. Rock on, HM.

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you! I am hoping that working with a team helps us all to maintain focus and not get too frustrated. It's a good excuse to get back in shape too.

Take care!