Sunday, January 29, 2006

Women: The Deadlier of The Species Part Three

This leads me back to fanboys versus fangirls. The majority of the male sites I visit are happy to see more women online that are interested in comics. They want the female opinion and like the interaction. It is mostly a very happy family here. I think that female bloggers for the most part are practical and understand the nature of the comic books they read. As Tegan so correctly pointed out, ( we read about scantily clad men too. It is with innocent intent, knowing that we enjoy the character and their personalities. How the character deals with conflict and turmoil, and the life they ultimately lead, means more then their outer shell. We are so used to the “look” of super heroes, that it is an after thought of sorts.

I think the evolution of the industry has shown that many more women are reading comics today then ten years ago, and that this trend is not showing signs of slowing. I don’t know if it is because more of us women are “out of the closet” in letting the world know we read comic books too, but the advent of the internet and more specifically the blogosphere makes it clear that females are here to stay.

I love my blog, and I can’t imagine not having it. I like to focus on the positive, and that will always continue to be the whole point of having an active site. I just can’t resist the need to try and feel out both sides of the story and try and find solutions, rather then just saying my peace and letting the chips fall where they may. Maybe this is part of my female nature or maybe my parents just did a great job of teaming up to raise me, but I think that taking control of a situation and finding solutions is way more important then dwelling in the boiling pot.

Women are the more deadly of the species by nature. Maybe it is the fact that it is harder to read our true intentions, but that is where the great potential for dialogue comes in. We analyze things to our core, and keep them deep within ourselves. That is our way. The fact that so many women are out here expressing themselves is fantastic. It means we aren’t secretly planning to put poison ink in your books. It means we want to talk and evolve.

Men, we appreciate you in so many ways. We like the way you tell a funny story, and care when we cry. Your beautiful smile and hopeful eyes entrance us. We like that you have an opinion and that you listen to us as well. I can’t imagine life without both sexes, as shown in Vertigo Comics' Y The Last Man. What a sad place this would be without both.

We all have our roles in life to play. Let’s do our best and enjoy the emotions that come with our differences. It all comes down to respect in the end. Respect.


Matthew Jeske said...

Amen. while I have to say that a lot of your thoughts seemed very simple and obvious, they were also... necessary. peace between the sexes!

When we finally have a gender-balanced comicsphere, I'd sure like it to be civil.

thanks again for a well written post.

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you for the kind words! I am always hoping for a better understanding and more patient interaction between the sexes, and think it is especially crucial in the comic book world, where we are already facing so many stigmas.

I think we are getting a little better each day, and that the ability to communicate electronically can be a big factor in helping things if we let it.

Thank you again!