Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Extreme Sadness! Strangers in Paradise is Finite!

SIP 81
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In the letters page of issue 77, Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore announced "Okay, no joke: SIP will end with issue 89 or 90 in May 2007". For fans of all tenures and ages, this is sad news.

Moore has given readers a solid, female friendly read. The lead characters Francine and Katchoo are three dimensional and accessible. They have been through the best and the worst, with the readers safely on the other side of the page, but not far from their hearts.

When I talk to other women about great comic books, Strangers in Paradise is always the first out of my mouth. The male characters are important, but not the focal point. Moore has made the book a mirror for our lives, and as a reader I have become very attached to these characters.

It will be a sad day when I go to the comic book shop knowing that the issue will be ending the series. Hopefully Moore has lots of goodies up his sleeve to keep readers entranced for many years to come.

At least he is giving us time to prepare both emotionally and spiritually!

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