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What to Look Forward to in 2006!

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Happy New Year! After reviewing the best and worst of 2006, it is time to preview the things that I am most looking forward to in this year.

10. New Ion Series by Ron Marz.
After a touch-and-go year wondering what was going to happen to Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, our answer is here. Kyle gets his own series this summer and it should be a good one. Having original Kyle GL writer Marz on the book seals the deal.

9. Ms. Marvel Series.
Finally Carol Danvers gets her due. Kurt Busiek revived interest in her character when he and George Perez rebooted Avengers, and Brian Michael Bendis put her in Alias as a good friend to Jessica Jones. Now Carol gets her shot at a series for the first time in many years.

8. Passion of the Clerks Movie.
This isn't strictly comic book related, but I am looking forward to Kevin Smith returning to his roots with a movie about the guys who started the ball rolling. My hubby and I are big fans of Smith's previous work and are looking forward to checking it out on opening night.

7. More "Showcase Presents" Volumes from DC.
Very much like the Essential volumes that Marvel has presented to readers in the past, DC has jumped on the bandwagon with a similar format for their old school titles. I bought the "Superman" volume and loved it. I am looking forward to the Justice League and Teen Titans volumes as well, and have heard good things about the Green Lantern one that came out. Keep 'em coming, DC.

6. Volume 2 of Lions, Tigers, and Bears.
I loved the first volume of Lions, Tigers, and Bears dearly. It was the first credible all ages book I had seen in quite some time, and it really resonated with me. This year Image will be releasing a second volume, and I can hardly wait. Mike Bullock and Jack Lawrence did an amazing job the first time around, and to be able to read the same book my nephews can read is a true gift.

5. PVP #25.
The anniversary issue we have all been waiting for. With guest strips by some of the biggest names in the business, it should be fascinating to see what kind of spin is put on these lovable characters. Brett Sienna and Jade Fontaine are one of my favorite comic book couples, and the realistic feel of their relationship never ceases to amaze me. Creator Scott Kurtz gets it.

4. X3 Movie.
As a huge fan of the first X-Men movies, it is with great excitement but also extreme trepidation I await the next installment. Brian Singer moved on to Superman, so Brett Ratner is helming this film. The bits and pieces of film and photo I have seen have been pretty good, but I will make my final opinion once I see the finished product.

3. Fallen Angel at IDW.
I loved the series Fallen Angel when it was at DC. Peter David really had me with a great concept and a thrilling storyline. After it was cancelled, IDW Publishing picked it up, and I am relieved. I saw the first issue,and loved it. I can hardly wait to see what the future brings for this book I love.

2. One Year Later/52.
A daring concept by DC. Weekly installments of a book for a year that cover what transpired between the present and one year later in their books. DC is bringing out the talent and the time to make this happen. It is either going to be the coolest thing we have ever seen or the worst. I can hardly wait to see what happens.

1. Emerald City Comicon 2006.
Seattle's two day comic convention is taking place at Qwest Field Events Center and includes a plethora of talent so splendid it inspires giddiness. Jim and I have paid the table fee to be an exhibitor there, so The Comic Asylum and Comics Fairplay will have a presence. If nothing else, it is a place to hang out with friends and meet other bloggers!

Seriously, we are very excited to be part of such a great independent show. It is the premier comicon in the Pacific Northwest, and the wonderful thing about it is the small but big mentality. The lines get long, but you can get through them and still have time to spend your money on great deals. For a look at the site go to for details.

That is my list of things to look forward to in 2006. We will have to meet back here at this time in 2007 and see how my predictions worked out. Could be fascinating for sure.

Take care and have a wonderful new year!

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