Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Shipping Date Changes Affects Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman
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I was looking at the shipping date changes posted on Newsarama and came across the latest date for the next issue of Wonder Woman, which is issue 3.

Last Set Shipping date: 10/11/06

NEW Set Shipping date: 11/08/06

What this means for issue 4 that is being solicited in December's Previews is anyone's guess.

In other older news, (also according to stalwarts Newsarama), author Jodi Picoult's run on Wonder Woman will only last five issues, which will take the series up to issue 10. This means five from Allan Heinberg and five from Picoult - not exactly runs.

I am frustrated with this, but also acknowledge that in this instance lateness isn't going to make me drop the book. I have been collecting Wonder Woman since 1974, and love the character. I have no plans to drop her title. In fact, if I couldn't afford to buy comics any longer, it would be the last book I would drop. Hopefully I could panhandle $2.99- forget eating.

With that being said, I am prepared to be frustrated and irritated, but am also not using my dollars to complain, so it is a catch-22.

If and when I hear more news, you will see it here!


Ragnell said...

Perhaps we should start a letter campaign?

Heidi Meeley said...

I like that idea!

I will get the information for where to write and post it tonight.

Anyone up for a letter campaign?