Friday, September 01, 2006

"Super Hero" Ends on an Emotional Note

Feedback picture
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Last night's finale of "Who Wants To Be A Super Hero" was incredible. From the first moment, watching Fat Momma and Feedback work in tandem in the kitchen, to the final announcement which saw Feedback take the prize, the entire episode was an A+.

Stan Lee has proven to be the perfect host for this show. No one on earth could come across as more sincere or caring. Stan treated the contestants with a seriousness that was touching. He never looked down on them or ridiculed them. I loved that Stan guided the group with love and respect. He was definitely the hub that made the show solid.

Fat Momma and Feedback are decent, caring people who deserved to make it to the end. I believe that either would have made a great winner, but that Feedback had that little something extra that made him really stand out. His love of comic books, and the fact that he was such a fan of the Peter Parker character growing up was really touching.

I am really thrilled with how this show turned out and would love to see another season. I plan to watch the movie that Feedback gets to be in, and I want to get the comic book that is coming out from Dark Horse. If Matt Haley and Stan Lee are teaming up, it is a sure winner.

What an emotional high to end on. I can hardly wait for the DVD so I can relive the moments that made me such a fan.


Carl said...

My only wish was that the show had been longer, like 12 episodes. But, since this was supposed to have gotten some serious good ratings, can season 2 be far away?

Heidi Meeley said...

I wish it would have lasted longer too. I am presently actively encouraging my hubby to do a character just in case there is a season two! You should too, Carl. You would be perfect!

Take care!