Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Updating My Links!

Let me direct your attention to my sidebar, please! I have added a few new links and want to apprise you of what they are.

The Comics Podcast Network is THE place to go to hear great podcasting about comic books and the industry.

John Layman should somehow turn his blog into a comic book. He is sarcastic and bitingly funny and has a fondness for the felines.

Lady, That's My Skull is one of the most cleverly written blogs around. Sleestak goes for variety, and never misses the point.

QEW Publishing is home to Quenton Shaw and his crew of creative talents. This group is up and coming in the industry, so see it hear first.

Technogreek is the blog of Jim Demonakos, the man behind the Emerald City Comicon and Image Comic's PR man. He is funny and sweet. I enjoy his insights and his tales. This is a busy man who makes the time to check in.

Take a look at these new links. I hope you enjoy these places as much as I do!

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