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Making Wonder Woman Monthly: Voice Your Opinion

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In my last blog entry, I was pretty concerned and frustrated about the inability of DC Comics and the creators on Wonder Woman to get the product into our hands in a timely manner. Ragnell had a comment suggesting a letter writing campaign. I think this is a great idea. Thank you to Ragnell for the thought!

Write to DC and tell them that the lateness of the book and their inability to do a monthly isn't cutting it for you. Demand a monthly Wonder Woman book. Tell them that you want to support one of the DC "trinity" but that you need to be able to buy the book to do so.

Or just tell them whatever you want. Heh.

Just tell them.

I am going to compose and send my letter tonight. If you want to see the Wonder Woman Comic book on a regular basis, let them know.

How to do so:

E-mail your letter to:
or (not 100% sure about this one- can anyone verify his e-mail address for me?? DC made it harder then Fort Knox to find an individual e-mail address. I am guessing they are trying to keep annoying fans like myself from bothering them!)

or send the letter to:

DC Comics
ATTN: Matt Idelson
Wonder Woman Editor
1700 Broadway
New York, New York 10018

Thank you for all the support you can give! It makes a diehard Wonder Woman fan smile.


Steven said...

From professional experience, I can tell you that there is a very good reason DC does not like to give out the individual e-mail addresses of their editors, but that they DO read every letter sent to the and every letter mailed to them, so I'd recommend doing that. (and the zip code is 10019).

Secondly, how do you propose they make Wonder Woman monthly? From what Idelson's said, the delays are almost entirely Heinberg's fault. Should he be pulled from the book two issues into his run? Or allowed to finish out his five issues then be replaced with a faster writer (which I believe is the current plan)?

I'm certain that Idelson and the rest of DC want a monthly Wonder Woman comic as much as (if not more than) you do, but they need to know whether they'd get more sales from making the change NOW, or making it later. So they'd need to know what you prefer.

Heidi Meeley said...

Steven, you have some good points.

I am sure that the DC editors probably try to keep their e-mail addresses private in order to keep annoying fans like myself from pestering them with inane questions. It is no surprise there.

As for the editors reading every letter, I personally have my doubts as I have sent numerous queries and never once received an answer. If they are reading each one, that is good to know.

Thank you for the zip correction.

I want Idelson and his crew to know that when they pick the next creative team to make timeliness a factor. If said creator has a different profession, that needs to be taken into consideration.

I also want the powers to be to know that I am very disapointed. Not that they care, but it is important to me that they know that.

At this point Heinberg might as well finish his run, and Picoult follow as planned. What would be nice is if they could start getting Picoult's scripts in and pencilled so that when Heinberg's run is done things go smooth and timely.

Having a "big gun" character with a bi-monthly book is certainly no way to increase the readership. I think that stability and a regular shipping schedule foster that.

Steven, thank you for your suggestions.

John Holland said...

I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and am now just getting around to commenting. (Ok, so sometimes I am slow.)

I think lately we've seen how much publishers care about how on time a "monthly" comic book is. They're more concerned with down the road, the trade collection.

What I dont' understand is why when they hire someone to write the comic (or draw it) that they have a pretty good idea is going to be late that they don't get more ahead of themselves before they put the first issue out. I'd rather wait at the start and let the creators get ahead of themselves so there are no big waiting periods, than jump into it and than have to wait for long periods inbetween issues.

I really don't see much difference between what's going on with Wonder Woman and what's going on with Civil War. (Ok, one difference is that Civil War had ties to a lot more comics, but what I'm talking about it is more along the lines of the publisher's attitude to the whole thing.)

After his long ramble you may be wishing I had kept lurking in the shadows and not come forward.

Just one final word, I enjoy your blog, keep it up.

Heidi Meeley said...

John, thank you so much for your comments! I readily agree that I am confused as to why the publishers don't assess the creative team's ability to produce the book and make a realistic time line rather then back peddle when they get so late. If, say DC, was aware that Heinberg is a perfectionist and that he has a full time job already, why was that not factored in?

It is much the same way with Civil War, only on a much grander scale, as you said. With so many more characters involved, it literally brought the Marvel Universe to a screeching halt, leaving the Ultimate and Max titles to keep the flags flying.

I appreciate your comments very much. I have been planning to link your blog for sometime, but am always worried about spelling it correctly! I am thrilled to have you stop by.

Take care!

Richard said...

Stephen, DC's mistake was trying to relaunch one of their flagship characters with a part-time comics writer whose schedule is fully occupied as producer of Grey's Anatomy (and Gilmore Girls and The OC before that) and then replacing him with a very prolific bestselling novelist who's currently touring (in South Africa, no less) to promote her latest book and had no prior comics experience.

With a film on the horizon, one presumes DC wants to have a healthy Wonder Woman comic book out there. And if that's the case, they were foolish to put on that title, not one, but two successive writers who had major commitments on their time outside of comics. Rebuilding a franchise is a major commitment and requires a writer who is going to be there for a nice steady run. Hiring these two was DC's choice, and it was a bad one.

Ragnell said...

I don't know, as I see it the companies have put the shipping schedule on the low priority list. I know with the government, the only way to get things to move faster is to be as annoying as possible.

As for the hows, easy -- Failing a writer who can actually make the deadlines; another series, bimonthly, would fill in the blanks.

Heidi Meeley said...

I really agree with what RAB says. DC made an error in getting a creator who wasn't able to make the relaunch of a major creator a priority. After the events of Infinite Crisis, getting a strong series starring Wonder Woman in the reader's hands should have been seen as crucial. Instead, dealing with said Creator's lack of focus and/or time, we all sit and wait patiently for said Creator to get the book out.

That kills any momentum the book had and alienates the core readership. Not exactly a sound business decision, and a surefire way to make fans go spend their hard earned money elsewhere.

Thank you for the very valid points!

Heidi Meeley said...

Ooops... I meant creation, not creator. My bad. Tired tonight after going to a wedding.

Heidi Meeley said...

Ragnell- I definitely think that DC has put the deadlines and schedules on the back burner on the Wonder Woman title. It makes me angry to see these publishers catering and scraping and bowing to get certain talents to do their books. Why can't the publishers see that there is a lot of talent out there ready and willing to do the job without the drama and hold ups?

That is why I so appreciated the suggestion of a letter writing campaign. Pestering and prodding the powers that be sure beats festering and being angry while doing nothing.

DC needs to get a creative team on the book that will get the job done. I am happy to see Adam Hughes coming down the road with the All Star title, but know that is going to be awhile, so the idea of a second title, even if it is a mini-series focusing on a peripheral scenario would be better then the alternative- nothing!

Thank you again for the idea.