Saturday, September 30, 2006

Catching Up With QEW Publishing

QEW Publishing is very busy these days. With multiple top secret and more known ongoing projects in the works, QEW is one of the up and coming businesses in the comic book industry. Owner and creator Quenton Shaw has a number of news bits he is allowing me to disclose here, so you have indeed heard it here first!

QEW has two new writers working on projects. Richard Bensam and Chris Holly are the newest members of the QEW family. Each has an assignment that they are working on, and I look forward to hearing more about them in the future. Congratulations!

QEW has a new project called VOID XANADU in the works. It currently has a talented and enthusiastic artist working on it, while a prospective candidate is beig considered as writer. Conceived by Shaw, the story takes place in the far future in the crowing glory of a city, Centron. A large city with a population of 25.3 million people, Centron is the gleaming of achievement of the human advances in technology. Unfortuntely, it also has a disastrous problem: the city is in the throes of a bio-tech plague known as the Surge.

The Surge "symbolizes a tremendous hi-tech, evolutionary leap in the future’s war on drugs", according to Shaw's synopsis. A futuristic fight to the end between the Psychadelic Posse, whose mission and lifestyle are to control the Surge, and the DSD-9, a special police task force designed to fight the posse and the far reaching effects of the product. Captain Kat Garza head one such task force, but also finds herself with a deadly secret that may just tear her apart.

This is the real deal. I can hardly wait to watch as production of VOID XANADU brings it to the reader's hands. I am betting this book is going to be a four star hit.

QEW Publishing is also announcing production on a comic called HFC: HERO FANTASY CLUB. I saw some initial art and a brief synopsis on it, and it is amazing. Imagine this: five 12-year olds meet each day after school in a tree house and trade fantastic stories about the super heroes they have invented in their own imaginations. Clever and creative, this is another book I am eager to see. I envision this as a book my nephews would really like, and see it as a fresh part of a new genre more aimed at younger readers.

Last but not least, QEW Publishing will be out in full force at the Seattle Comicard Show on Sunday, October 15 at the Seattle Center in the Rainier Room. Please come by and say "hi" and meet the crew from QEW. Jim and I will be there lurking around, hoping to get sneek peeks at the great work these guys and gals are doing.

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