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Creator Interview: Harry Thuran Jr. of Yo-Yo

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Harry T. Thuran, Jr. is an inking veteran of the comic book industry, having worked on books in the Wildstorm Universe while they were a part of Image Comics. He is no novice, having experienced art school and the business first hand. It was a great pleasure to have a question and answer session with him via e-mail.

Following a Q&A identical to my questioning of Braden Lamb, Thuran Jr. gave great answers that show a passion for inking. Keep reading to see what I mean.

Comics Fairplay: How did you get into the industry?
Harry Thuran, Jr.: I can't remember a time I wasn’t drawing one thing or another or reading comics throughout my childhood and through school. One day while over seas in the army I saw an ad for a cartoon and graphic art school in New Jersey. I attended for three years and came out to California to attempt to ink a book that a long time inker was pencilling , worked in his studio for a while until he decided I needed to work for studio space only - no thanks, the boy needs to eat .
CF: Tell me about your influences?
HT: I enjoy the top inkers work in the business; Scott Williams being one of the elite.
CF: What audience are you hoping to reach with your work?
HT: For myself as an inker I strive to put my best work out always and strive to make the pencilled pages jump out and add to the environment of what the penciler has tried to convey.
CF: What unique qualities do you possess that make you stand out from your peers?
HT: I think with the ability to try to keep true to the style of the penciller while adding what I’ve learned in technique to the illustrations.
CF: What project are you currently working on?
HT: At this time [Yo-Yo] is the only project I'm involved in, in-between the background work I've done I always continue to work on sample pages to improve my artwork and to show the different comic companies what I can do for them.
CF: What do you think about the industry today? Where do you see the industry five years from now?
HT: I’ve always loved the industry and after the last San Diego convention I went to, it’s alive and screaming.
CF: Tell me something about yourself that has nothing to do with comic books but that people might find interesting or surprising?
HT: I’m an electronic enthusiast, poet, black belt who’s into sports, etc a man of many talents.
CF: Where would you like to see yourself five years from now?
HT: A monthly book enjoying a great artistic relationship with the penciller I’m working with and the fans that enjoy our work.
CF: Any closing comments?
HT: Comics let us go to places and be things that some people only dream about.

Thank you for your time, Harry. We will be looking forward to seeing the four issue Yo-Yo mini-series in 2007.

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