Friday, November 24, 2006

Creator Interview: Luis Alonzo of Cody Coyote

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Here at Comics Fairplay, we were fortunate enough to interview Luis Alonzo, the inker on the new mini-series Cody Coyote. Luis has a great site to look at his art, so if you get a chance, wander on over.
Comics Fairplay: How did you get into the industry?
Luis Alonzo: Going to all the shows that I can here in Florida, visiting Digital Webbing talent search.

CF: Tell me about your influences?
LA: I’m old school, so I would say, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, John Byrne, Frank Miller, Bob Layton, Bart Sears, Rick Magyar, Dick Giordano, Tim Vigil, George Perez, Rob Liefeld, and a host of today’s talent.

CF: What audience are you hoping to reach with your work?
LA: All ages, the artwork is really clean, and should appeal to a vast audience.

CF: What unique qualities do you possess that make you stand out from your peers?
LA: I meet all my deadlines, and strive to do better, and learn more about my craft.

CF: What project are you currently working on?
LA: Just finished wrapping up 4 issues of Cody Coyote from QEW Publishing, and will be getting another project from them shortly. Did a few short stories for Arcana Studios, but am right now waiting for the next project.

CF: How many issues is your project and when do you foresee it being solicited?
LA: Cody Coyote, 4 issues.

CF: Any thing special you can mention right now?
LA: To please pick up this title, help a buddy out.

CF: What do you think about the industry today?
LA: It’s in great shape, there a lot of new talent, just a bit harder to break into it though.

CF: Where do you see yourself five years from now?
LA: Doing what I love, creating more comics.

CF: Tell me something about yourself that has nothing to do with comic books but that people might find interesting or surprising?
LA: After a long lay-off from college, I have returned, and plan on taking a Nursing degree.

CF: Any closing comments?
LA: It’s been a pleasure talking about myself, but please feel free to share my website with your readers, and drop by, and leave comments on all the inked samples that I have there, Again Thanks.

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