Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Transparent as Glass: Marvel's Post-Civil War Spider-Man Plans

Amazing Spider-Man 539
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At the end of Civil War, Peter Parker is going underground and on the run, according to an article over at ICv2.com. As the solicitations verify, a multiple issue event titled Spider-Man: Back In Black will run through the Spidey titles.

Here is the scoop as told by ICv2.com:

"November 14, 2006
Starting in February Marvel is putting its most famous superhero through a mandatory costume change in Spider-Man: Back in Black, a coordinated event that runs through a number of issues of three different Spidey books including Amazing Spider-Man #539-#542 (written by J. Michael Stracynski), Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17-21 (written by Peter David), and Sensational Spider-Man (written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa).

Following the traumatic events chronicled in Civil War with his identity revealed (see "Marvel's Civil War Gets Major Media Attention"), Spidey is on the run from the "authorities" and forced to go underground and back to his black duds. Excitement ensues in this comic book event that is big enough to require its own explanatory title, the Spider-Man: Back in Black Handbook, which features a plethora of writers including Mike Fichera, Ronald Byrd, Al Sjoerdsma, Stuart Vandal, Anthony Flamini, Michael Hoskin, Jeff Christianson, Sean McQuaid, and Madison Carter."

Could this be timed to coincide with the movie??? Hmm... let me think....Oh yeah, it is. No doubt there at all.

I am interested to see how this plan works, and to see if it draws in new readers. Only time will tell, and I will be there watching!


Carl said...

Hmmmm, in this current politically correct sue-happy time and it would be so part of Marvel's current "reality" comics theme, Venom should sue Spider-Man/Parker for stealing his look. That he stole originally. That would be great and could lead to another fascinating "reality-based" character Marvel could make more coin on, "SUBPOENA-MAN"!!! And this could open the door to so many things, like all the specials going on right now with this new one: "Stan Lee Meets Subpoena-Man!"
And is served for stealing or cloning so many ideas and using up folks like Jack Kirby, Roy Thomas and so on, then showing them the door with no rewards and no credit till decades later! Hmmmmm, I seem to have caught a 'bitter anti-Marvel" virus somehow...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, you are too funny! I love your linear thinking, and giggled when I read "Supoena-Man".

Thank you!