Thursday, November 09, 2006

Diamond Follow up and LinkBlogging

Updating yesterday's post with letter to Diamond, I went to my local retailer today, only to find that Diamond had contacted the owner first thing this morning. The contact from Diamond was allegedly in charge of their customer service. He wanted Joe to know that he had received a letter from one of his customers and wanted to know how to help rectify the problem. Evidently Diamond has a policy that they can't directly contact end user customers in case there may be some sensitive information about the retailer that they can't reveal.

At any rate, Joe and the Diamond contact came to an agreement of sorts. Diamond will try and rectify the shipping problem, and Joe won't turn around and send back the late books the next Monday. I will keep you posted as this story unfolds.

It was interesting to me that a letter I wrote actually got some response. I figured I would be ignored, like I am when I write DC. This was a nice change.

In links of interest, Redhead Fangirl talks about dropping Deadman and asks what books we as readers have on the chopping block as well. Head over there and check it out. I agree with her wholeheartedly about Deadman, and dropped it as well.

Newsarama has a two part interview with Jim Lee. Contained therein is some of the most honesty I have seen in an interview in a long time. Lee doesn't try and hide from his missed deadlines and his career. His answers are candid. While hating his missed deadlines, I at least apppreciate the truth instead of a spin that leaves my head hurting.

Over at Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog, Tegan is reading and reviewing every Aquaman story in order of publication. It is fantastic! Give it a look!

At Comic Book Thoughts, Ragtime has a fun-filled, excellent look at the Tales of the Unexpected #2 back up story on Dr. Thirteen. This is a must read.

Lisa at Sequentially Speaking takes a look at Wonder Woman with some fun facts and a reminder that our favorite Amazon is turning 65! Incredible!

If you get a chance, check out these links. It is great content from quality people.

Have a great evening! Thank God Tomorrow's Friday!


Lisa said...

Thanks for the link!

Good to know that Diamond did respond to you! Despite all the bad stuff that's said about them, I think that they do try to do a good job for their customers. Just sometimes there's so much bureaucracy and red tape that things can't be done as fast as we all would like - and they don't HAVE to rush since they own the market. Hopefully they've finally got a solution that works for your store owner out there!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, you are most welcome- that is an excellent post!

Thank you for the information about Diamond. I let my retailer know, and he was going to try and contact the warehouse on Monday. I hope he can work something out.

Your input has been invaluable. Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for linking and calling me a "must read"!

Heidi Meeley said...

Ragtime- you are very welcome, and I most assuredly meant it when I said "must read". Excellent stuff!

Thank you!