Thursday, November 30, 2006

Random Musings

Being out of town last week with limited internet access, and then being sick with a head cold this week has not allowed me the time or energy for the quality rants I have been wanting to make. It is starting to really bum me out, quite frankly. That is why I am hoping to spend this weekend working it all out of my system.

Rants to expect.... if it all works in my favor!

1. Wizard "Year End" awards. What a farce this crap is. I have a splendid little rant planned for this one.

2. Civil War is pushed back again. Another load of garbage. Your editor of the year and man of the year over at Wizard deserve an award... for what!? My only saving grace is that I feel sorry for artist Steve McNiven, who is fighting strep throat- a total nightmare.

3. Occasional Superheroine- the disturbing and enlightening entries that I have to finally sit down and read. This is a woman who has been in the trenches at Marvel and Valiant and is talking about it in "story" form, making for a compelling read . It is going to take some time to really search for the bottom line there for me, but in the meantime, head over if you haven't already. It is "must read" material for comic book readers. This is most likely not going to be a rant, but it is weighing heavily on my mind at any rate.

4. Wonder Woman's lateness- my favorite second tier hobby rant.

5. Comic book reviews.... short and sweet. This week didn't thrill me. I can't tell if it is because I am sick and impatient, or if what I am reading is simply dreck. Back at you on that later.

6. Wizard shake-up and the ramifications therein. Possibly a tie-in to the Wizard fan awards in rant form.

That is what is on my mind tonight, other then the usual panic about trying to make dinner and do laundry, that whole living my life deal.

If you haven't hit these stories, click on the links and head over. If nothing else, it is interesting reading.

Have a wonderful night!


Carl said...

Sorry you are sick. I am kind of down myself for a number of reasons but, welllllll, just really tired of thinking or talking about them. Anyway, I tried to read Occasional Superheroine, I was really interested in what she had to say. Then.... I just really couldn't take the bitterness. Seemed she had a right to it, but I'm trying to avoid embracing more negative things. So I quit after about 3 postings. And I've broken with my comic book store for the indefinite future since the owner pissed me off yet again, so I'm out of the world of comics for now, alas and alack. Hope you feel better...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl my old friend, I am sorry to see you are down. I hope things get better soon!

Jim has my head/sinus mess now, I feel bad for him. Hopefully he gets better very soon.

As for Occasional Superheroine, I still haven't done more then glance there, so that is my project for tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about breaking with your comic shop. Hopefully things will resolve or you will find an alternate source very soon.

Take care!