Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jealousy Strikes Hard! Exclusive Ross book in San Diego

Via Newsarama:

"For the first time ever, artist Alex Ross will have sketchbooks for sale at the booth (#2419) at the San Diego Comic-Con. This sketchbook will feature never-before-seen artwork from throughout his career, as well as a brand-new front and back cover.

This will be limited to a print run of 500 copies each signed by Alex Ross himself. These will only be available at the San Diego Comic-Con July 25-29th. They will be offered on a first come-first served basis directly from the booth only at a price of $40 each."

Wow. I am really jealous of all of you who are going to San Diego that will have a shot at this book. I love the front cover of Red Sonja. She looks powerful and graceful rather then naughty and semi-naked. The pose is pure warrior. I would love to have a print of that on my wall. Knowing how much this would sell for on eBay, I know I will never have a chance at it, but it is nice to dream.

Are any of you planning to try and pick this up in San Diego?


Lisa said...

Only $40 - I'm shocked there isn't another "0" on there. That's about the least expensive thing I've EVER SEEN available at the Alex Ross booth. I know his manager, who will, more than likely, be the one handling the booth at the convention. I might just have to drop him an email and see if he's got any "extras" that I could snag.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, let me know if there is any hope for us non-San Diego attendees. This book looks gorgeous, and the price, as you say, is more affordable then most Ross pieces.

Anonymous said...

I'll only be going on Sunday this time around (since my wife, kids and I will be vacationing in San Diego that same week), so I'm sure the Ross books will be long gone by then. Even if they were available, I can't see paying $40 for it. Maybe it's because (being an artist), sketchbook type stuff doesn't have the same mystique as they might for others.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, I see your point on this. I have bought sketch books in the past and have been disapointed, so I am wary. I just am wondering if for the price I would be getting an excellent piece of collector's art. Ross' work is gorgeous, and if the sketchbook is as detailed as the cover, it would be heaven. It is hard to tell, but I wish I could see it!