Monday, July 02, 2007

New Comics for July 5

Punisher 49
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Happy July! It is time for hot weather and lots of celebration at the Meeley house. Jim and I have our anniversary on Sunday, then his brother's birthday, several of my cousins and my aunt have birthdays, and then it is my birthday. Whew! We blow our budget on cards and gifts this month to be sure.

We are gearing up for July 4. More then likely we will bypass fireworks so we can go see either Transformers of Live Free or Die Hard. We will have to see how the lines look. Yummy- popcorn!

Comics-wise it is another hefty week. I don't know what my wallet is going to do, other then scream in pain. Bear with me as I try and list it all!

All Star Superman #8
American Virgin #16
Black Canary #1 (of 4)
Countdown #43
Detective Comics #834
Nightwing #134
Outsiders #49
Supergirl #19
Welcome to Tranquility #8
Y The Last Man #57
Dynamo 5 #5
Ms Marvel #17
New Warriors #2
Punisher #49- pictured
Punisher Presents Barracuda Max #5 (0f 5)
Uncanny X-Men #488
Devi #12

To add to the mix, the "Women of the DCU" Batgirl bust is coming out this week. I am fearful I ordered it and don't know what to do! Also, "Girls and Goddesses Pin Up Art of Joseph Michael Linsner" hits stores. Crap, what am I going to do?

At least I can be in denial for a couple of days and celebrate the 4th in style!

Have a wonderful week!


Eaglewing said...

Anniversary Congratulations to you both! Hope you have a great day and enjoy all the birthdays.

Transformers and Die Hard 4 are getting good reviews. I'm looking forward to seeing them myself. Transformers is exactly the kind of summer popcorn movie to see on the big screen - Big robots blowing stuff up :)

Great comics list there. More Punisher :) Interesting cover there too. I hadn't heard of it, so I Googled 'Welcome to Tranquility'. I'm not very familiar with the Wildstorm universe, but it sounds like an interesting title I might have to check out at some point.

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary and birthday! Best wishes to you both.

WOW!! Your list is looking pretty long. Good thing it's summer. Although I can't promise that your list will get shorter in the coming months. We just finished our June Diamond order and it was one of our largest yet - and other comic shop owners have been saying the same thing. YIKES!

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, thank you for the kindness! Are you going to see Transformers or have you already done so? I need to head over to your blog and check! I want to see Die Hard 4 tomorrow, so cross your fingers!

Yay Punisher! I am so excited to have two books this week. I have come to really enjoy Barracuda as an evil SOB.

Welcome to Tranquility is very unique. It was a bit slow going, but it has had a great payoff. I can't wait for the next story arc!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, thank you for the kindness as well!

I am afraid that my list isn't going to get any smaller any sooner as well. I just got done looking at the newest Previews and it made me sweat a bit. It is going to be another huge month!