Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jenna Does Virgin...Comics!

Jenna Does Virgin
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In pre-San Diego Comicon news, it was announced that Jenna Jameson has signed on with Virgin Comics to do a "Director's Cut" line of comic books with the company. Much like Guy Ritchie or John Woo, Jenna is taking an interest in the creative aspect of what is being produced in her likeness. Her series "Shadow Hunters" will be in comic shops and online stores in December 2007 and will be followed by a collection in May 2008. Said picture of Jenna as her comic book character is courtesy of Greg Horn.

This is interesting news, not so much for the person involved as for the direction being taken by an up and coming comic book company. Virgin is already known for thinking outside the box, and this move is no exception. Jenna Jameson is a proven commodity in the porn industry, and her product sells. She has her own site and with her ex-husband, she moved into the production aspect, taking a behind the scenes role as well as continuing to star in her own projects.

I have read Jenna's autobiography a couple of times, and while I don't agree with her lifestyle choices, I have an admiration for her moxie and business sense. I am sure this will get me in oodles of trouble with my feminist friends, but I can't argue with a woman who has made a success while using what she has to give. It isn't a road I would take, and it isn't one that I ever plan on taking, but it works for her. Jenna has made herself into a brand and that is a rare gift.

How will this translate into comic book sales? I think it hits a certain market segment and thus will do well. While I don't plan to buy this product, I am certain that others will. Hot pornographic movie star produces sexy comic book = dollars in the bank. Talk about thinking outside the box, huh?

I bet you thought this was my gratuitous segment at first- so did I! I have never seen a heroine removing her top in preparation for a sword fight, so this is a first.

What are your thoughts? Read here for the full press release.


Eaglewing said...

Besides the irony of the comic company name she'll be working under, it's probably a non event. The sales will be there for the novelty of it, but that'll only get it so far. The question is, will it be a good story, or just an excuse to draw pictures of Jenna. Not something I'd buy, but I got nothing against the effort.rjrvni

Lisa said...

Well, she's no virgin, that's for certain.

Virgin comics are typically non-starters. The ones that sell, and usually only to a few people because of names/novelty, are those you mention by Guy Ritchie and Nicholas Cage. I'm sure there will be people that buy this, out of curiosity if nothing else.

Have you seen photos of her lately? Ghastly!! Nothing like the beautiful Greg Horn art.

Carl said...

Ummmmm, don't like Jenna Jameson and porn and comics, YAH, always a good combo! I mean, all the shows on Spike! TV, Stripperella, The sick version of Ren & Stimpy and the one about the rat lawyer did so well, sleaze it up and the folks come running, like with porno stars in comics...