Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blog Positivity Day: Vertigo Comics = High Quality Read

Y The Last Man 57
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After asking everyone to contribute a post that focuses on the positive in the comic book industry, I didn't want to miss my opportunity today.

As an adult reader, I have been really happy with the consistently high quality of the Vertigo line of titles. I don't claim to read them all, but there are several that I pick up on a monthly basis. Here is my list:

100 Bullets
American Virgin
Jack of Fables
Y The Last Man

In the past I have picked up Preacher, Invisibles, Sandman, Witchcraft, and several other great titles. For the last decade, this DC imprint has consistently been the source of great enjoyment for me. I think it is partially because the source material is thought provoking and provocative so it appeals to my adult sensibilities. It is a fresh break from the super hero genre to be sure. Many of the books get multiple readings. For example, I have read the Preacher run at least a dozen times, and each time I am struck by the originality of it. When I read the Invisibles, I actually had dreams about it; that is how much it stuck with me.

My favorite title right now is 100 Bullets. I can't stress to you enough how good this book is. Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso are bringing an original vision filled with compelling storylines. I prefer to read the book in trade format simply because there is so much going on and that is how I reccommend it to new readers. Let the story suck you in and see where it takes you. This book is pure excellence.

Y The Last Man has been another winner for me. Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra have a winner on their hands. The concept is a bit insane, but mostly it is genius. An unknown plague wipes out all the men on earth but one- what would the women do? The book goes there without blushing or stuttering. It transports the reader to that planet and takes us along for the journey. This is a book that is almost done (issue 60 is the final one) so trades would work well here also.

Without going into great detail about all the books listed, I just really want to send a big "high five" to the creators involved in making Vertigo one of the best reasons to read comics today. If you are an adult who hasn't read any Vertigo titles, go to your local retailer and pick up a trade to get a taste. You won't regret it.


Lisa said...

Fables - best book being made. Won several Eisners.

Y is also very good, and I've enjoyed 100 Bullets too.

their news series, Highwaymen, is interesting and I'm going to read this first arc to see where that goes.

Lisa said...

Edit to my previous post - I see that Highwaymen is actually a Wildstorm title, not Vertigo. But still fun.

To add another actual Vertigo title - DMZ is AWESOME! The first two trades are out, and another one should be coming soon.

Eaglewing said...

Some great titles there indeed. I'm working my way through 100 Bullets and Fables as my trade budget allows, and will get into Y Last Man probably too. They certainly appeal to adult sensibilities with quality stories that can rival anything available out there in movies or novels for your entertainment dollar. In fact, considering the movie landscape right now, they're even better.

John Holland said...

Fables is one of my favorites. Y too. I haven't bought the trades yet, I had the first three and loaned them to a friend and she never returned them. I'm kind of hoping that they'll go the Absolute route with Y, so I'm going to wait a little longer before I start picking up the trades. I have to second Lisa's reccomendation of DMZ. I bought this as a trade and I love it. It's a great series. I never did pick up Invisibles, which I'm not sure why cause I was a big fan of Morrison at that time, coming off of Animal Man and Doom Patrol. Maybe I'll have to go back and give it a try.

John Holland said...

Oh, I almost forgot, Heidi, thank James for me for the kind words over at my blog while you were out of town. I appreciate the thought. It's strange how you can make such good friends on here that you never have met, like you and James. Thanks.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, Fables is definitely a fantastic book and I wish I would have said more about it. I was lucky enough to meet writer Bill Willingham at Emerald City Comicon and he was quite nice. He was humble, and my gushing was a bit much, but he put up with me. You are definitely correct about the series being great!

I have been wanting to try DMZ, so your approval rating of it is good to know! Thank you for the tip!

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, the Vertigo books are a nice diversion for us "adult" types. I appreciate the originality and "no net" approach to the books. I can say with ease that the Vertigo books are always on top of my weekly stack. There is superior quality and great storytelling, which is what I want. I am glad you have enjoyed 100 Bullets and Fables!

Heidi Meeley said...

John, I would love to see an Absolute edition of Y as well. That is a great idea! It would be incredible. I hope you get your trades back someday!

I am glad to hear your seconding of DMZ. I am going to pick it up for sure! I am going to check Amazon for the trades on that one. I am crossing my fingers!

Invisibles was a timing thing, I think. It was right in there with Preacher and the end of Sandman, so it was chaotic. I didn't immediately pick up Invisibles, but was able to get the first volume in back issues for a good price on eBay before the trades came out. It is surreal, trippy stuff.

You are most welcome for the well wishes. Jim and I were thinking about you and praying for you. I agree that some of our best friendships can come through the internet. If I ever get back New Orleans way, I will be knocking down your door to be sure!!

Take care, my friend.