Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rock Of Love 2: Stroller Derby

As you know, I have been avidly watching Rock of Love 2 because it has rocker Bret Michaels from Poison as the "bachelor". In my heart of hearts, I am pretty sure that he isn't going to ever settle down, so it is more for the pure entertainment value then anything that I watch this show.

This last episode about did me in. Crazy Lacey from the first season came on and helped the LA Devil Dolls in a challenge called "Stroller Derby". The object of the challenge was for each team of four women to get a "Baby Bret" doll around the rink three times with a minimum of damage. What those Devil Dolls did to the "Baby Bret" doll unfortunately didn't seem remotely funny to me. Luckily, out of the three teams, two of them managed to get their doll out of the mess alive.

The winning team went to dinner with Bret at Forty Duece, the burlesque club owned by Ivan Kane. Angelique, Inna, and Aubry had some cocktails and then were offered to do a bit of a dance themselves. Inna didn't have any rhythm, but still managed to impress Brett. Aubry did a sexy yet classy dance. Then Angelique proceeded to take off ALL her clothes and writhe around the floor doing stripper moves. It was painful to watch.

Back at the house, the women decided that they hate Kristy Joe for being a stick in the mud and tattle tale. Unfortunately, Kristy Joe had also won a solo date so she was a prime target for being picked on. She decided to cook Bret a meal and relax out in the backyard. Big mistake. Two of the other ladies, Destinee and Daisy used their "VIP" time, whatever the heck that was, and interrupted the date in progress. Kristy Joe was not amused.

In a shocking elimination, stripper Angelique was sent home, as was the very pretty and classy Roxy. It seems that Bret isn't looking for the full Monty, but that he is still enthralled with large breasts. Some things never change.

Next week should get ugly as usual. The ladies have to assemble a motorcycle for Bret, and it appears that tensions run high. Big surprise! Also, two ladies have what appears to be meltdowns. Good times.

That is it for this week. See ya back here next week for more Rock of Love 2 drama!

P.S. The women at my gym continue to confound me with their lack of manners. I could write a book but I wanted a change of pace tonight! Take care.


Nick said...

Those without manners spread their ill-will all around.

Be happy in the knowledge that your a force of positivity and not one of negativity.

Or to put it another way: Screw 'em your a better person then they are anyway.

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, you are sweet. Thank you for the words of wisdom. I will keep doing my thing and not get bitter. God knows it would probably just make these women happier and we can't have that!!