Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008- Things to Look Forward To!

Echo #1
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Happy New Year to all of you from Comics Fairplay! This year we are cautiously optimistic that it will be the best yet. Here is hoping and praying that 2008 will bring nothing but good things for you and your loved ones.

To start the year out on a positive note, I made a list of comic book related things I am looking forward to. In no particular order, here is my buzz list!

1. Starman Omnibus editions coming out: May 21 brings the first of six omnibus books from the celebrated series. Covering issues #0 through 16, this is a treat I am greatly looking forward to.

2. Consistent quality on the Wonder Woman title: With Gail Simone and the Dodsons on the book, I am really looking forward to a return to greatness this year for the Amazing Amazon. God knows she deserves it.

3. Y The last Man ends with issue #60: I will miss this series when it ends but am eagerly awaiting the final issue. Scheduled to ship this month, readers will find out what happens to Yorick and the rest of his cast. Hopefully it will be a memorable finish.

4. 100 Bullets enters its final story arc with issue #89: Scheduled to end at issue 100, this series has rocked my world from the time I read the first trade. Exceptional writing and amazing art make this my go-to book of the year. Much like Y the Last Man, I don’t want to see it end, but look forward to the ride.

5. Dark Ivory mini-series from Linsner and Hopkins: Coming out through Image Comics, the long talked about mini-series by Joe Linsner and Eva Hopkins is scheduled to begin in March. It will be a wonderful way to experience a different side of the Dawn creator and his partner in crime.

6. Noble Causes returns: Set five years in the future, Jay Faerber is bringing back the Noble family in all their glory. This underrated series is a must read in my book, and the fact that Faerber is shaking things up a bit just makes it that much more interesting.

7. Mark Bagley under contract to DC: After enjoying a phenomenal run on Ultimate Spider-Man, Bagley has switched companies and it now under contract to DC Comics. I am anxious to see where this prolific penciller turns up next. As a big fan of his, I see this move as an opportunity for Bagley to spread his wings.

8. Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic commit to Witchblade through issue #150: What fascinates me most about this news is that issue #112 of the book just came out, meaning that this will start firing on all cylinders by mid-year. It is unusual to see a creative team pledge to that long of a tenure in this day and age. Following them on this journey is a definite plan of mine.

9. Iron Man and Batman-Dark Knight movies: This is going to be such a great year for comic book movies if the trailers here are any indication. I can’t wait to go to the movies again just to see these two very different characters on the big screen. All my cynicism about Robert Downey Jr. has been replaced with a considerable amount of excitement. I am also very interested to see Heath Ledger’s Joker face off with Christian Bales’ Batman. This should be fun.

10. New series by Terry Moore: I just got done looking at the March solicitation for Moore’s new endeavor after Strangers in Paradise, and it is safe to say I am on board for the duration. Titled “Echo”, Moore takes an entirely different approach then before and that really captures my interest.

11. More Franklin Richards one-shots: In a year filled with multiple crossovers and major character changes, the Franklin Richards specials by Chris Eliopoulos were always a breath of fresh air. I am crossing my fingers for many more of these.

12. New Zorro series from Dynamite Entertainment: Written by Matt Wagner, this new book from D.E. looks like a good read. If previous D.E. offerings are any indication, Zorro will be a solid hit.

That is it for the list. I am sure there are things I have missed, but those were in the forefront of my mind. The one thing I am dreading is more crossovers, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. In the meantime, let me once again wish you a Happy New Year and great success in the upcoming year!


Anonymous said...

"12. New Zorro series from Dynamite Entertainment:"

Absolutely! The only thing that can make Zorro at Dynamite any better is to eventually team him up with the Lone Ranger! That's a pairing I've been dying to see for years.

Swinebread said...

I can't wait for the Army of Darkness and Zorro crossover...

Just kidding

I have hope for the new Hulk film and Indy 4 as well

As for comics The Twelve and Superpowers look very good to me.

Lisa said...

Definitely looking forward to #2.

VERY interested in seeing how Y ends - that cover really has my curiosity peaked.

Bagley is GREAT news for DC. Not only is he fast, he's also good.

Both of those movies should be GREAT. Plus there's another Hellboy this year too, and Wanted should be interesting even though it doesn't look very true to the comic.

I'll have to check out Echo!! And I'm looking forward to checking out Zorro.

Eaglewing said...

Definitely some good comic stuff to look forward to this year. There should be some really good movies (can't wait for The Dark Knight). Kind of sad though that Y and 100 Bullets are coming to an end. Although I recently read the first few issues of Scalped and it may be able to fill some of the hole left by 100 Bullets.