Saturday, January 12, 2008

Playboy Wonder Woman Cover: What it Says Inside!

Today I looked at the inside of Playboy to check out where the cover fit into the picture of things. It turns out that the Wonder Woman/Tiffany Fallon images are used as part of a results article entitled "Sex in America". Her image in the Wonder Woman painted outfit is at the bottom gutter of each page and as a splash shot introducing the article. Other then her image, Fallon isn't featured.

The article gives the results of a survey where 900 people between the ages of 18 and 64 were randomly selected to discuss their sex lives as well as their personal politics as it relates to the upcoming presidential election. The article talks about the fact that in the last fifty years there has been a sexual revolution, and that basically sex has won. There also statements made such as "14% of Thompson supporters and 12" of Obama supporters claim to have sex "almost every day". 5% of Giuliani and Clinton supporters have sex that frequently".

The folks surveyed also felt that Clinton was the sexiest president of the last 50 years. Also the West Coast is "the sexiest". An example of questions asked were "satisfaction with sex life", "age virginity lost", and several questions about personal preferences and past experiences with more specialized forms of naughty behavior. The results were then used to try and find correlations between candidates and sexual behavior. It was actually pretty interesting. I don't know if they came up with exactly what they hoped to find, but it was a new twist on an old polling technique.

As a final word, the presence of Fallon and her Wonder Woman body paint are a footnote. Evidently the fine folks at Playboy used the Amazing Amazon's outfit because of the American flag-like nature it represents. The fact that Wonder Woman has been at times seen as a fantasy and fetish character to some is what brought it all together. Since it is a "adult male" magazine, and it is not required reading, the cover can suggest many things. When it comes down to it, the publisher is trying to sell magazines, and putting the beautiful Fallon on the cover in body paint is surely a winner.

Did any of you read the article? What did you think? Would you have picked another iconic woman to be the focus of what is considered ::cough cough:: a patriotic image? God knows if it was Playgirl, would they have body painted a guy like Superman? Food for thought.


Lisa said...

I will never, in my life, figure out what people find sexy about Bill Clinton. Does HAVING a lot of sex make you sexy? If that's the definition then sure, because he's probably had a lot more sex than other presidents during their terms. But if it's being physically attractive, then I...well I just don't see it.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, I am with you on this one, Sister. God knows he doesn't float my boat AT ALL. Maybe it is what you said- the fact that there was more of a "sexual thang" going on when Clinton was in office permeated the general consensus.

Honestly though, I couldn't readily think of any past presidents that I every thought of THAT way. Hmmmm...

Eaglewing said...

I never, ever, want to walk to a magazine rack and see a cover of any mag with a nude dude painted as Superman. Figure it'll probably happen someday though.

Having said that, I'll play the double standard and say that even as a Canadian, if Fallon was painted up as WW in a show of patriotism, I will stand up and salute! (sorry, but somebody had to say it ;-) The comparison to Lynda Carter wasn't called for, but they're just trying to sell mags any way they can and probably just went with the first stars and stripes as sexy image they could think of. It's unfortunate they had to use an iconic character for it, but I never credited Playboy as deep thinkers.

As for the article itself, I never saw the mag or read it, but what the nation's sex life has to do with the vote, I have no idea, and Playboy probably doesn't either. Besides, if it gets decided by who's sexy, then Dennis Kucinich's wife would be President in a landslide.

Chris Arndt said...

Q. Who is the sexiest woman in politics?

Michelle Obama - 19.7%
Condoleezza Rice - 17.5%
Laura Bush - 16.3%
Hillary Clinton - 14.0%
Jeri Thompson - 9.6%
Elizabeth Edwards - 9.4%
Judith Giuliani - 6.3%
Nancy Pelosi - 5.7%
Barbara Boxer - 1.6%

People think Hillary Clinton is sexier than Jeri Thompson?

FOOLS. Undereducated fools. Clearly they asked a pool of people that were going to some extent by celebrity rather than actual looks.

I mean, I've actually met Jeri Thompson.... I have an informed opinion.

So yeah, between Fred Thompson's "Trophy Wife" and Dennis Kucinich's babe.... there's no room on the list.

And for the record I've never seen a high-powered woman in politics where I have ever wanted to see tighter clothing and more skin.

Pat Powers said...

Playboy has been extolling the victory of the sexual revolution since the late 60s, as if they were personally responsible for it, when in fact a lot of the hippies and such that were on the "front lines" so to speak didn't think Playboy was all that cool.

I also think the sexual revolution, although overall still a victory, has taken some hits since the 1970s. I bought a copy of "Savage Sword of Conan" recently and the illos in it brought home just how much more raunchy things were back then. Practically everyone (both sexes, too) ran around mostly naked in "Conan," so each and every panel had something for the people who don't like seeing human bodies to screech about. Strippers typically wear more than a queen in "Conan" does.

Nowadays the comicsw community has an active band of bloggers and such to protest each and every butt and cleavage an artist dares draw. There's some raunchy stuff out there to keep them outraged, but it's nothing like "Conan" and some of the other stuff from the 70s.

Unknown said...

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