Monday, January 14, 2008

Just a quick note...

Due to a bit of brouhaha this morning because of a link from a gaming forum, the images associated with the Wonder Woman/Tiffany Fallon posts have been deleted. If you want to check out the photo image, head over to Sorry for the inconvenience.

I will be back tonight to check in. Thank you!


Lisa said...

Ah... gamers. I have had my own battles with those types in the past. I checked out some of the responses in the forum and it sounds like they don't even really know what's going on and many commented without even checking the links themselves.

James Meeley said...

swinebread: Yeah, I told her the same thing. On the plus side, she's got an insane amount of traffic today. Over 2700 visitors for the day so far. If even 5% of them become regulars to this place, they did her the biggest favor they ever could have... even if they didn't read her posts. ;)

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa and Swinebread, thank you so much! Your comments made me smile and not be so upset.

It really shocked me to be linked on this particular thread since I didn't consider my blog entries to be "rage filled". It is extremely obvious that said poster did not read my blog and that is just plain sad.

What can I do but just suck it up? It didn't seem to fit to go to that board and get pissed. That would just make me fit the angry feminist mold.

The good that can come out of this is that someone will come here and at least read what I said. Maybe they will come back and like what I said. You never know.

Thank you again!

Chris Arndt said...

Good lord!

that's 27 times my traffic on the best day!

I wish I had a mere 150 (actual) READERS per day.

James Meeley said...

Chris: Actually, just for the sake of accuracy, she has an average 200-250 (actual) readers a day normally.

Of course, pimping her blog at the Emerald City ComiCon the last couple of years has certainly helped her gain quite a few new readers. :)