Monday, January 07, 2008

New Comics for January 9

Have you ever worked out so hard you feel like throwing up? That is how I felt for about a half hour tonight. It was strange as I didn't feel like I worked out any harder then usual. It must have been the pre-contest belly getting in the way. Cross your fingers for me that it gets better as the week goes on because that was not a good start.

In comic books this week, I gleefully crossed Amazing Spider-Man off my pull list. I also crossed Gen 13 off. It felt pretty good. Now I just have to continue my quest to save money. I told my comic book retailer this: when comics go to $3.99 as a floor price I am going to stop reading them other then Wonder Woman. I feel in my gut that it is getting close to that, so we shall see how much longer I can go. If books go to $3.99 a pop as the bottom price, I will be officially too poor to buy them. What about you?

Here is my list for the week.

Countdown #16- the last couple of issues were pretty okay.
Green Arrow Black Canary #4
Green Lantern Corps #20
Nightwing #140- on the chopping block
Salvation Run #3 (of 7) - also on the block
Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag #5 (of 8) - see pictured!
Wonder Girl #5 (of 6)
Mighty Avengers #7
Punisher War Journal #15
Wolverine #61- on the chopping block
X-Factor #27

That is it for the week. I am pretty happy with the list and hope to see how things go. Have any of you made any cutbacks?


Eaglewing said...

No, but I have recently accidentally raked my head across steel racking so hard I felt like throwing up. Then I saw the blood. Does that count? Seriously though, hope you feel better as your workouts continue. Try not to over do it. And I know nothing about work out regimens, but does feeling queasy like that mean you need more water/are dehydrating? Thought I heard that somewhere, but don't go by me.

As for comic prices, it's getting bad. For a market that wants to bring more kids into the fold and new readers, it doesn't bode well that you need a full time job to support a pull list. They may need to examine their business strategy when the choice comes down to an issue of Spiderman vs a Classic Single Combo at Wendys.

And even as a Wolverine fan, I understand your putting it on the chopping block. I haven't read a decent main title Wolverine story arc in a long while. Except for the annual, it's been pretty lackluster. Sad, really.

Swinebread said...

The dehydrating thing is a good point, that happened to me before.

Comic prices are crazy, eaglewing is right. Companies are slitting their own throats doing this. I'm all for going back to newsprint to keep the prices down. Time to get very choosy.

Agent 2112 said...

If comic prices go up to 3.99 base - I am going to have to stop reading one comic for every 3 I buy. I would hate to do that though, I am quite the nerd and I need my comics every week.

Anonymous said...

"I feel in my gut that it is getting close to that, so we shall see how much longer I can go. If books go to $3.99 a pop as the bottom price, I will be officially too poor to buy them. What about you?"

Sadly, I'm sure I'll do what I've always done.

James Schee said...

I cut back awhile ago to, except on very rare occasions, I only buy trades.

Its just so much better of a deal, and I seem to enjoy what I do read more.

Lisa said...

I really hope they can keep comic cover prices closer to $2.99 for a while. In my Sequential Tart review I even lowered the score of a good comic because it was priced at $3.50. Somehow publishers HAVE to get the message. Marvel's practically giving away comics with their on-line deal, but the paper copies are often $4 each. That doesn't make any sense! On top of that, the Big Two are cranking out mini-series like there's no tomorrow, so not only are the comics more expensive, but there are more to buy. As a store owner it's frustrating!

As far as the feeling like throwing up - yep. Especially if I work out in the morning for some reason.