Monday, January 28, 2008

New Comics for January 30

Ultimate Spider-Man #118
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Today went way too fast. It started out nicely with a 6 a.m. cardio workout, but that was the highlight. Work wasn't bad, and I felt pretty okay when I left. Then I went to the club and three ladies were hogging all the dumbbells from 7.5# to 17.5#. I went from happy to bitch in about 2.5 seconds. Those are weights I use when I "run the rack" doing biceps and triceps. Because of their deal, I couldn't do my workout. I had to improvise and do my back and leg squats.

So as you may have surmised, this is yet another bad experience with women at my health club. I asked these ladies when they would be done and they told me they did this only on Monday nights. Well crap. I lift weights six times a week on a very specific schedule, so now I am screwed. Can I just go start a comic book health club or is that an ironic term? LOL.

At any rate, here is my list of books for the week.

Action Comics #861
Batman #673
Black Adam the Dark Age #6 (of 6)
Countdown #13
Death of the New Gods #5 (of 8)
Green Lantern #27
Trials of Shazam #11 (of 12)
Y The Last Man #60- last issue, very sad.
Witchblade #114
Captain America #34
Daredevil #104
Fantastic Four #553
Mighty Avengers #8
Ultimate Spider-Man #118 - pictured
Ultimate X-Men #90
X-Men Emperor Vulcan #5 (of 5)

Lots of stuff ending or getting close to ending on this week's list. I am pretty happy about that. Also, I am planning on dropping Fantastic Four when Millar and Hitch take over, so that will be one less. Daredevil is also on the fence for me.

I am not going to answer comments tonight. I am too pissed off, and I don't want to be horrible. Please forgive me. I will be back tomorrow with my two cents. Thank you for being so kind!


Eaglewing said...

I'm not familiar with gym protocols (never been to one), but how can people just commandeer equipment for a whole night? Isn't the point to a gym that everyone shares the equipment? Guess there's no accounting for people though. You can always go Rocky and pound meat and lift barrels and kegs and chains and so forth (just watched Rocky 6 last night as you can tell - good movie). good luck on the workouts though.

Nice list of comics. I better get going on catching up on the Y Last Man trades. If it's already over and they're planning on a trilogy of movies, I want to read the originals first. Heard Millar is going back to Wolverine with a tie in to his FF run too (after Jason Aaron gets a 4 ish shot - looking forward to that). Not too enthused about Millar's plot for Wolverine with an old man Logan story that's a direct rip off of Unforgiven. Not to mention Hulk inbreds and Spider-Bitch. Are we running out of ideas Marvel?

davidthedrake said...
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davidthedrake said...

Found a great review of Y: The Last Man #60. It's got some great scenes from the final comic as well as a well-written review. Check it out here:

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, yes there is a definite ettiquette about equipment use. These gals seem to think that they have precedence because they are longtime members. I didn't have the heart to tell them that my workout partner was one of the first people to ever join that gym. LOL!

I actually considered going the Rocky route for a bit. Good show!

I love your comment about current books! I am just going to second that motion. :-)

Heidi Meeley said...

David, thank you for the link.