Monday, January 21, 2008

Very Good News: Aaron Lopresti to Draw Wonder Woman

I just read on Newsarama that Aaron Lopresti is going to take over art chores on Wonder Woman with issue #20. This is very exciting news for several reasons.

I have always felt that Lopresti draws strong, attractive women without making them into caricatures. His run on Ms. Marvel has been joyous to behold. My loss there will be a gain in the Amazing Amazon's title. I also think that Lopresti has earned it. He has done consistenly excellent artwork on a regular title and hit his deadlines.

On a more personal note, I think it is cool that Lopresti is drawing Wonder Woman because he grew up around where I grew up and is right around the same age I am. I believe that the high school he went to competed against my high school in sports. He also married a woman I went to high school with, whose dad is friends with my dad. Small world, huh?

Two Oregonians working on the title should keep it in the state, since the Dodson's hail from Oregon if I remember correctly. Gail Simone is an Oregon resident, and so is Lopresti. It just seems obvious to me that we have a lot of talent here in the Northwest, but I also could just be bragging. LOL.

I have posted the artwork here that was up on the Newsarama site and am thrilled with it. I can't wait to see this creative team up and running. Though I have come to enjoy the Dodson's take on Wonder Woman, having Lopresti on the book is absolutely fantastic.


ShellyS said...

I'm not familiar with Lopresti or his work, but the sketch has me looking forward to his run on WW.

James Meeley said...


If you like, here's some choice work by Lopresti to check out:

Mystic #31-39
Robin #23-24
Incredible Hulk #96-99

These should give you a nice taste of what Lopresti can do. :)

ShellyS said...

Thanks, James. Not books that interest me, but if I spot 'em, I'll take a look.

John Holland said...

More Wonder Woman, seems she's popping up everywhere these days. Check out Collen Doran's site "A Distant Soil" for some posts and some pretty cool art for when she did a graphic novel on Wonder Woman.

Anonymous said...

Great looking stuff. Wonder Woman seems to have enjoyed some consistantly great artwork over the past several years, so it looks like the feature is still in good hands.

However....have you seen the cruddy work in the most recent issue of The Flash? Good....Lord. The rushed, amateurish look to the artwork is just a crime for a top-tier character like the Flash...and once again I get the feeling that DC is throwing in the towel on this character.

Lisa said...

the North West is just FULL of cool people, isn't it

When I heard Lopresti was on the book I was VERY excited. What a great team of talent on this comic. Hopefully it will bring lots of great issues and plenty of new readers.

Heidi Meeley said...

I am still very pleased about this news! I have got to tell you that I am really rooting for Lopresti here. He is a truly nice family man who respects his fans. He is also a great artist.

Mark, the art on the Flash is indeed scary. Maybe the Terry Dodson could head over there next?