Saturday, May 17, 2008

ECCC 2008: Sunday Part 3- Arm Wrestling Oeming... Again

I am such a sucker. I arm wrestled Oeming again. I lost again too. The good news is that I made him work for it. The bad news is that I didn't last as long as I wanted to. Oeming has an amazing technique and is strong to boot. I have to tip my hand to him. Hero Initiative makes a stunning amount of money when Oeming does this, and the crowd loves it. It is a win-win situation.

After the arm wrestling, it was time to start saying good bye to friends and survey what we had to do to pack the booth up. This really made me sad. I didn't want it to end. Laura and Eric came back to the booth and we talked for a bit before they decided to head out. I didn't want them to leave!!! I also finally met my booth neighbor Michael Alan Nelson, who is a writer on several Boom Studios books. He was very nice and let me take a picture with him and the kung fu cottontailes. I will have to go check out his stuff for sure now, as I thought he was very cool with a mohawk and kind demeanor. The dichotomy really astounded me, and I am very curious now.

The packing of crap back to the hotel was murder. I staggered the block and a half to the hotel with four heavy loads of stuff. I really hated escalators by the last trip. First I took back the original art portfolios. Then I took Randy Kintz' box o' art. The next trip was the candy bowl and posters. Then I came back and got a short box so Jim only had to carry two. As we left, I felt so sad. The only reprieve was that we were having dinner with the Space Goat crew after.

We met up with Shon C. Bury, his very awesome son Alex, and Jason Metcalf at Gordon Biersch Brewing Company. It was very close to the hotel, and I was thankful for that. I really enjoyed the conversation, and the fellowship. The only problem is that I think I got too dehydrated making all those trips because I was feeling quite tipsy after a full dinner and two beers. I tried to drink some water to level things out because our friend Brian came just after Shon and Alex headed out, and I wanted to stay out a bit later.

We headed over to Tap House again where we met up with Ben Hansen and his better half Jolene. They were both extremely tired, so they were drinking coffee and soda. I went the Stella Artois route again and Jason and Brian had the beer samplers. Ben's friend, inker Levi Skeen, came not long after and we ended up having a good time until 1 a.m.

It was definitely bed time.


Lisa said...

Great reports! Sounds like SO much fun.

I think Oeming's been working out too.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, it was a great experience. I am crossing my fingers that someday you will get to attend- we would have way too much fun!

Yep, Oeming did pretty well. He looked happy too.