Sunday, May 18, 2008

ECCC 2008: Wrap up!

It is the post you thought would never come! I have spent the last week blogging about the Emerald City Comicon and all the things that happened. In reading back through them, I have observed that there really wasn't anything newsworthy. For that I apologise. I really wanted to try and attend panels, but the days went so fast, and I ended up helping my hubby sell art in his booth, so that superceded everything else.

I can't thank the people I saw at the show enough for the most valuable gift they could have given me- their time. It was amazing, each and every moment. Special thanks to Brian, who acted as our host and is truly one of our best friends. I would also like to send great appreciation to Laura, her sister Lisa, and her hubby Eric, for a truly nice time. It was wonderful to go fangirl tag-teaming with you!

Swinebread, we must get together for more conversations! Ben and Jolene- we will go out again! Harrison Wood, thank you for the amazing art. Jason, Randy, and Shon- thank you for treating me with kindness and letting me help out. It was fun as well as educational. Quenton- you are a singular person of great integrity and I admire that. Greg- I would have liked to spend more time talking to you and hope to do so down the road. J Martini- you have got to do it!

On that note, thank you to all the people out there who worked so hard to make the show a success. It was incredible, to say the least and I give it two thumbs up.

Before I run away, I want to link to some posts about the show that I thought were of great interest:

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Atomic Romance (Swinebread): parts one, two, and three.

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Comics Should Be Good: Greg's report.

Levi Skeen inker extraorinaire.

Randy Kintz' report.

If there are more I find, I will do updates here. I do know that both Newsarama and Comic Book Resources had reports on the panels.

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