Friday, May 16, 2008

Is This Gratuitous: ECCC 2008 Exclusive Edition

Today let's take a break in my convention recap, shall we? I got home late tonight and I have been wanting to post this cover all week, so it is time.

In the past I have said I wasn't going to pick on Witchblade, but for this I am making an exception. Emerald City Comicon had this cover of issue #117 as an exclusive variant for the show and it just feels right to have a bit of a discussion about it.

Artist Eric Basaldua has put a tattoo in our cover girl's very prominent butt cheek for all to see. She is obviously a fan of the show, otherwise she wouldn't have made such a serious commitment in ink.

The hat is cute and sporty, and the finger to the mouth is eerily reminiscent of a pose I saw Kendra, one of Hef's girlfriends, do on the cover of Playboy. Clad in Daisy Dukes and a half t-shirt, it looks like Sara (I am assuming it is new mother Sara Pezzini) is ready to show the fanboys how to party.

Enough about my opinions though. I have got to just ask this once:

Is this gratuitous?

I will be back tomorrow to wrap up the show and give you some great links. For tonight, enjoy!


Unknown said...


Nick said...

I feel dirty after having looked at this.


Tegan said...

It's SO gratuitous.

But, you know, if they really wanted to make it more gratuitous, he would've added her drinking a latte, wearing birkenstocks with socks, and maybe catching a fish down at the Market. So I guess if he really wanted to appeal to Seattle fans, the tat and Space Needle wasn't really that much.

What...? Oh, you mean sexually gratuitous, not Seattle-y gratuitous? Nevermind. That's too obvious to answer.