Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

Ever had one of those days that goes on and on, without much of a chance to catch your breath? I had one of those today. It seems like the holiday on Monday put everyone back a few days, and now we're all back in the swing of things. It was crazy at work, nuts at the club, and packed with rednecks at the grocery store! Lordy! I am very happy to be home.

I got an e-mail notifying me that my DCBS order will be here next Tuesday, like I expected so I am very happy. The bad news is that I am staying away from some of my favorite sites so I don't see any spoilers. I pretty much knew that going in, but it is a bit of a bummer.

I was cleaning my basement this weekend, and I was shocked at how much stuff I found that I had completely forgotten I had! I am sure you have had this happen to you, right? It was so odd to find trinkets from high school and college that were twenty years old, but were still shiny new in appearance. It also reminded me that back then my friends and I wrote actual letters to each other. We didn't have cell phones and texting yet, so we took the time to keep in touch with pen and paper. I loved reading those old letters, though a few were a bit hokey.

Reading old letters from good friends made me want to look them up, so I am probably going to troll Facebook and mySpace looking for them. I will probably also go to the alumni websites and see what I can find. It was special to realize how much we meant to each other.

I wonder how we will look back on our friendships today twenty years from now. Will we archive old e-mails? How will we save the text messages and how will we remember the phone conversations? I am at a bit of a loss when I consider this. What we keep in our hearts is certainly most dear, but the memory of a precious letter is invaluable in this day and age.

What will my nephews do to stroll down memory lane? It makes me a bit sad to not know how they will commemorate special occasions. Thank God for good old fashioned birthday cards.

Forgive me for being sentimental, but finding so many memories made me that way. What have you done when you have found old letters, cards, and the like? I am going to keep most of them, but am really concerned about the amount of space we have to store things I don't look at very often. God knows that when we moved my grandparents into their retirement community, it was horrendous how much had to go. Will I end up a packrat whose memories will be pitched the moment I am too old to have a say in things?

On a different note, I am looking for your help. I am going to be conducting interviews with several artists over the course of the next few weeks. I have a standard list of questions I will most certainly ask, but I want your input. What questions would you ask an up-and-coming artist? What about a more seasoned, successful one? I would appreciate any help.

It is time to wander into the living room, eat some dinner, and watch a bit of television before bedtime. Have a wonderful evening and I will see you here again!


Hudson Phillips said...

I LOVE finding old letters. I don't keep as much as I wish I did though. It's not that I throw them out, it's just they get lost... not sure how.

And I remember teachers and stuff saying how much I will wish I had kept a journal as a kid... at the time I thought it was boring, but now I REALLY wish I did.

As far as your questions for artists - I'm always curious of the kinds of behind the scene questions... like creator rights, marketing oneself, drawing for a certain audience, breaking in, pushing the envelope of what an artists role is, trying to reach a wider audience, etc...

Heidi Meeley said...

Hudson, finding old letters is like the equivalent of finding treasure for me, for sure. I just couldn't bring myself to toss them!!

You are right about keeping a journal- I wish I would have too. It makes me sad that I didn't, but I was like you and thought it would be too boring. Bad move, huh?

Thank you for the great questions! I will certainly put them to use when questioning the artists I have made arrangements with.

BTW, I am enjoying your site very much!