Thursday, May 08, 2008

Emerald City Comicon: Almost There!

The countdown continues, and it is two days until the Emerald City Comicon begins. For the first time, it is being held at the Seattle Convention Center rather then Qwest Field, so I can't even begin to guess if it will feel any different. My biggest prayer is that our wonderful, intimate but big show retains that flavor.

One difference I see is that there is a great deal more programming. We have made the big time, having a DC Nation panel as well as a Mondo Marvel one. There are several more with great themes, including one on the legal side of comics and a spotlight on Tim Sale. Check out the link for the full story.

Another quirky deal that is new is "celebrity photo op". Nice. There is also a costume contest. Heck, just go check out the site for the full details.

I am off to try and start packing. Take care and have a wonderful evening. I will see you back here tomorrow!

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