Saturday, May 17, 2008

ECCC 2008: Sunday!

You know, every year I do this. I get behind on my posting because of work and life in general, and then I am tired on top of it, so my memory gets a bit spotty while talking about the show.

The good news is that I am going to try and keep my posts shorter with more entries and pictures. The bad news is that there is most certainly something I am forgetting. Bear with me.

Sunday dawned with a bit of sunshine trying to peek out. We once again headed to McDonalds for carb loading. This time our friend Brian joined us, and we talked about the fun the night before while getting a general feel for the day ahead of us. After breakfast, we ran to our room, got the original art and headed to the show.

Since it was Mother's Day, it wasn't nearly the rush of folks it had the day before. There was still a line, but it was much shorter. I was pleasantly surprised that there were several women there that were at the show for their Mother's Day present. At least a dozen ladies I spoke with were there with both their husbands and their children, which spoke volumes and helped restore my faith in humanity.

Since it was quite a bit less of a rush, the aisles weren't clogged like the day before. It was much easier to navigate the show, which didn't hurt my feelings. I still had a feel of a lof of people; it just wasn't such a panicked vibe.

I knew it was going to be a happy day when Laura and her husband Eric got to the booth and said their good mornings. Space Goat was their home base for the day, and Laura seemed to feel much better. It must have been the internet-withdrawal patch. Heh.

For most of the morning, I was in the booth while Jim tried to play catch-up on getting sketches and meeting with creators. He came back a couple of times, most notably to tell me that Matt Haley was trying to figure out why I never age. Thank you Matt. I did manage to capture a shot of Jim with the Zenoscope booth babes, since they were out walking around handing out postcards. I notice that Jim seems to be smiling bigger here then he does when he poses with me. Hmmmm....

Laura and Eric came back for lunch and we chatted for awhile. Jim came back from one of his jaunts and announced that Ethan Van Sciver said I could go see him and say "hi" and that is was okay to go to the front of the line for just that. Because I am a big freak for con ettiquette, I was a bit leary, but I really wanted to meet Ethan and Laura agreed to go with me for as I thought trolling him would be fun. At that moment, the fangirls tag-team was born!

Because of my gratuitous post a few weeks back, and Ethan's classy response, I was really eager to meet him. Laura and I went to the front of the line, where several guys eyed us a bit warily. I introduced myself and Laura, and Ethan told me he read my blog. Wow. I almost went into a fangirl coma. Laura trolled him and they had a great discussion about Aquaman, which was awe-inspiring. We had a nice talk while Ethan sketched for the guy at the front of the line. We made a graceful exit, as the line was pretty long.

Feeling extremely empowered, and really enjoying my time with Laura, I thought we should try and troll more people. I suggested Phil Jimenez, who wasn't at his booth. Laura was able to troll Tone Rodriguez, who was as sweet as could be. After talking to him for a few minutes, we ran around and tag-teamed quite a few congenial folks before seeing the very patient and sweet Eric, who went with us to the Hero Initiative booth. Laura was able to troll a few more folks.

Right around that time, my blood sugar started crashing and I went in search of food while Laura and Eric went a different route.

Fortified by a quesadilla and a few quiet minutes of triumph and giddiness, it was already almost 3 p.m. when I realized the show was winding down. No! There was so much more to do, and Laura and I were the team supreme. It just couldn't end!


Nick said...

Sounds like you had a LOT of fun.

See.. now you've made me have to choose between HeroesCon or Emerald next year. Gah!

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, I hear Emerald City calling your name!! Emerald City.... Emerald City... Emerald City....

and it goes on and on!